Do You Have Carpet Beetles?

Do you need to get rid of carpet beetles infesting your home? First off, check out these warning signs of an invasion:

  • Holes in your carpeting, furniture, or clothing
  • Spots of shed skins or fecal matter in your carpet or furniture
  • See the insects around the windows or baseboards of your home or office

Early removal is important as these pests can easily find their way from the outdoors into your home. They particularly like colorful flowers and plants. Especially, those planted around the entrances of homes and businesses. They are small enough to make their way in through open doors, cracks in windows, and other small entryways. In fact, they can migrate from one unit to another in multi-unit housing. Just to make it even easier for them to get around, they can also fly!

Once in, these creatures will make meals out of carpet, clothing, furniture, linens and nearly any type of fabric—even synthetics.

Pantry Beetles

Don’t let pantry pests ruin your baking fun! Get rid of beetles such as weevils and grain beetles. They can infest your cupboards and pantries turning your kitchen in to a nightmare.

Here are a couple of tips to help keep your beetles away:

  • Proper storage of your dry goods is key
  • Always use your oldest food items first
  • Use plastic or glass containers
  • Most pantry infestation are brought into your home from the grocery store. Do buy items which are even slightly damaged and always check the sell by date.
  • Add a bay leaf to canisters and packages of your dry goods. The herb’s pungent scent repels many pantry pests.

Finally, always keep it clean! Keeping a clean house from top to bottom is the number one tip to keep not only pantry pests, but all unwelcomed pests, from entering your home.

Let Pestcheck get rid of carpet beetles, pantry beetles and any other beetles that are infesting your home.

Get Rid of Beetles

If you suspect you have pantry pests or another beetle infestation, be sure to call a pest professional to treat the problem.

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