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  • silverfish and reflection. silverfish infestation Silverfish Infestation in Your Home - Do you think you have a silverfish infestation in your home? Are you wondering how these creepy little pests are getting in? You're not alone. Silverfish make most people scratch… Read More
  • Why do I have ants in my house in winter Why Do I have Ants in My House in Winter? - In spring and summer, you are used to seeing ants scurrying around your patio or driveway. Ant hills protruding out of your grass, and even ants who’ve made their way… Read More
  • How to Get Rid of Skunks - Coming into close proximity with a skunk can be a stressful experience. Anyone who has smelled a skunk knows just how noxious this odor can be. Not only do skunks… Read More
  • how to get rid of squirrels in your home You’ve Got Squirrels in Your Home. Now what? - Squirrels may be cute when they’re chasing each other up and down trees, but they aren’t so adorable when they end up in your attic or walls. If a squirrel… Read More
  • Three raccoons at a home. How to get rid of raccoons Raccoons vs Vancouver - Vancouverites have a complicated relationship with these “mask bandits”. On one hand, raccoons appear adorable and are embraced as part of the city. On they other hand, their population has… Read More
  • Collage of insect jewellery. Creepy Christmas gifts. Creepy Christmas Gifts – Would You Buy Them? - Jewellery designs of insects have been in vogue for a long time. The Georgians and the Victorians definitely loved wearing bug jewellery. However, I think you will agree, these creepy… Read More
  • bug racer Bug Racer – the Cricket Powered Toy Car - Look out for creepy-crawlies under the Christmas tree this year! If your kids are crazy about cars and insects, look no further than Mattel’s Bug Racer. This toy race car… Read More
  • the front of a home dressed up forhalloween pests Don’t Be Spooked by Halloween Pests - When the chill of autumn arrives, so do some of the season’s scariest decorations. Witches, ghosts, vampires and mummies are the season’s headliners, but what about their trusty sidekicks? It’s… Read More
  • fancy rat mouse day. three pictures of mice and rats dressed up. Celebrate Fancy Rat & Mouse Day - Are “fancy” rats fancy because they are wearing formal gowns and tuxes? Are “fancy” mice fancy because they have excellent table manners or because they host amazing parties? Nope -… Read More
  • roach inn Check Out of the Roach Motel - There are a number of DIY solutions to cockroach control but do any of them work? The Duct Tape method seemed a good enough solution to examine. Duct tape is… Read More
  • green house in vancouver that requires an attic and crawl space pest cleanup services Pest Cleanup Services - Do you hear scratching noises in your attic or basement? The good news is it’s not a ghost, but there is definitely something living up there. You likely have an… Read More
  • landlord vs tenant sign with question marks for pest control Landlord vs Tenant – Who Pays for Pest Control? - Who pays for Pest Control? This is a tough question to answer. According to the BC Residential Tenancy Policy Guidelines: "The Landlord is responsible for ensuring that rental units and… Read More