Commercial and Industrial Pest Control

A solid pest management plan can give you peace of mind that your products, employees, and location are pest-free. These unwanted visitors can be a nuisance to warehouse workers and owners in the Vancouver area. Warehouses and factories have unique pest challenges. Pests love to hide in dark spaces or potentially damp locations.  Whether you provide warehousing and storage for food products or consumer goods, your facilities can be subject to a pest invasion. This is due to insects or rodents being brought in with goods or moving in from outdoors.

The more conscientious you are about pests within your facility, the better. In fact, the risk of dangerous diseases being spread is lowered using a pest control service. Passing your next third-party audits is dramatically increased.

Our Process

We begin by inspecting your facility and property. Then, we provide recommendations for exclusion work and prevention. Finally, we develop a custom plan to keep pests out.

We put into place procedures which address your specific pest problems. Our technicians can also help with rodent and wildlife exclusion (birds, rats, mice, raccoons etc).

Be sure to partner with Pestcheck for commercial and industrial pest control. Not only do we understands the pests involved, we understand the unique needs of your industry. We appreciate the complex world of food safety and regulatory issues you are faced with. Naturally, flexible scheduling is tailored to your needs.

Call us today to schedule an inspection from a qualified, pest control technician.


We devise a plan that is cost effective for your business, and provides you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

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