Rodent Abatement Report

Do you need to demolish a derelict building? Many local authorities in Metro Vancouver require a rodent abatement report. In fact, they will not issue a demolition permit without one.

What does ‘rodent abatement’ mean? It means the act of reducing or terminating rodents.

The Process for Rodent Abatement

First, the property is inspected for rodents. The technician is looking for droppings, nests or sightings of rodents. Second, the technician will lay various traps and bait stations. The traps will confirm whether or not there is an infestation. Finally, the report is issued when there is no evidence of rodents.

Consequently, if you find evidence of rats or mice onsite, then you need to hire  a pest control company. The work should be scheduled for a minimum of two weeks before the scheduled demolition. This will allow ample time for bait traps to take effect.

Why are Rodent Abatement Reports Necessary?

When a building is demolished, it sends vibration waves rippling through the ground. This will disturb any existing rodent populations living below.  As a result, it causes them to runaway and look for shelter elsewhere. Furthermore, the rats and mice will take up residence in adjacent facilities. You definitely don’t want to be responsible for giving your next-door neighbours a pest infestation. In fact, rodents spread a wide range of dangerous diseases. This is also something you do not want to be responsible for.

Who Requires the Report?

Listed below are the locations which require the report. However, we highly recommend that you treat any pest infestation prior to demolishing a structure in any location.

City of North Vancouver




Maple Ridge

New Westminster


Above all, a rodent abatement report is a security measure. The purpose is to protect the community from a rodent infestation. Call Pestcheck today to schedule an appointment.


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