Choosing Pestcheck is as easy as ABC for School Pest Control

We want to keep your day care centre pest-free. Mice, cockroaches, beetles, silverfish, ants and spiders aren’t welcome and they have no place in day care!

Our technicians are specially trained in pest control for school environment. We make sure the kiddies you care for are safe from unwanted guests and also safe from the insecticides used to eliminate pests.

We want Student to be Head of the Class…not Pests

First, Pestcheck delivers thoughtful, environmentally sensitive programs. Then we ensure year-round protection of your facilities and the health of your students. Finally, we partner up with maintenance, housing and food service operations.

We even get high marks for using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems.

How can we deliver smart solutions for your facilities? By evaluating and determining the type and extent of the pest population in your school. Pestcheck is able to develop a comprehensive and customized plan to address your pest control problems. Naturally, part of that plan involves educating your staff on how to identify and respond to pest sightings.

Isn’t it time you benefited from what we’ve learned?

Eliminate Pests in Classroom 101

Of course, pests excel at school in Vancouver. Surprisingly, schools present an environment where students and teachers share the same space with insects and rodents.

Bed Bug U

A college dorm is a buffet to a bed bug.  For example, the beds are packed tight which gives bed bugs an evening blood meal or two. Bed bugs are excellent travellers.  In fact, they can hitchhike from student to student with ease, and before long, your school is Bed Bug U!

On the whole, when it comes to pests on campus, we don’t suspend them; we expel them. So keep your day cares and schools pest-free with pest control services from Pestcheck.


We devise a plan that is cost effective for your day care and your schools, and provides you the peace of mind to focus on educating the kids.

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