How did Squirrels Get in my Attic?

It’s common knowledge that squirrels will nest in attics, causing damage and generally disturbing your home. But what many people do question is: How do squirrels get in my attic?

Squirrel Power

  • Squirrels have been known to climb the brick or stucco wall of a four-story apartment building in seconds.
  • A squirrel can pull apart terra cotta and slate roofs. It can chew straight through good quality shingles and sturdy wood to gain access to your home.
  • With the biting power of 7,500 pounds per square inch, a squirrel can chew through aluminum fascia capping and louvered aluminum gable vents.
  • Even brick is not impenetrable. They have been seen to climb down the outside of a chimney and push in a brick to enter an attic crawl space.
  • A squirrel will chew a hole in high, hard-to-reach parts of the roof.


    Check out these clues to see if Mr Squirrel and his family have moved into your attic:

    1. You hear strange scratching, jumping or scampering noises in your home during the day.
    2. When you take a look in the attic, you find squirrel dropping.
    3. Your fascia boards, shingles, eaves troughs and outer panels have been damaged along the roof line.
    4. Inside your home, you notice strange odors.
    5. You discover water damage marks on your walls and ceilings from the squirrel urine and feces.

    Squirrels cause major damage to homes and can put the homeowners at risk. Infestations in the attic can create a major fire hazard. Squirrels often make their nests by tearing up insulation and gnawing through electrical wiring. Nests can be large and contain a fair amount of dry material. When the dry material is combined with exposed wiring, it can lead to a fire.

    If you have tried the store bought remedies without ousting your unwanted guests, pick up the phone and call in a professional.  We will inspect your home and humanely relocate the squirrels.  We will also point out the entry areas the squirrels are using which will require exclusion work. Call us today on (778) 903-7378.

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