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Moles are solitary, burrowing animals that have adapted to tolerate much higher degrees of carbon dioxide in the air than other mammals. This allows them to stay underground for extended periods of time. They are not rodents and feed largely on ants, grubs and earthworms. Moles typically dig tunnels, known as runways, in elaborate patterns. These runways just below the surface of the earth are created in the process of feeding. They destroy lawns and gardens with a shallow network that create ridges in the ground, upsetting grass and sod. It is a very good idea to hire an exterminator for ground moles to get rid of your mole problem.

The main tunnels are deeper and more inaccessible, up to a foot deep. The number or extent of runways is no indication of the number of moles residing in your property. A hundred acres can support about seven to twelve moles at once. Moles are attracted to fields and forested land and so proximity to these spaces increases your likelihood of having moles weaving in and out of your property.

It’s important to enlist the help of an animal control professional when attempting to remove moles from your property because it is difficult to see which tunnels are inactive. Moles desert old runways quickly and often. Pestcheck has a team of professionals adept at recognizing the difference and tracking the movement of active moles. The first step is to determine where the mole or moles are. Then we determine how widespread the problem is and finally what the best method for capturing them would be.

The most reliable system for capturing moles includes a spike trap, which is typically effective within 24 hours. We then focus on exclusion—making sure the moles don’t return.

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