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While moths do not pose a health risk, they are a pest in homes. This is because of the severe damage their larvae cause to clothes, fabrics, leather and carpets. Moth pest control is extremely important.

There damage may continue for many weeks after moth caterpillars have hatched.  Serious harm may have been done before numbers of flying moths are seen and so prevention of a moth problem is key.

While a minor infestation of moths can be dealt with using DIY products, an established moth problem is likely to require professional assistance.

Signs of a moth problem

  1. the silken tubes or cases in which moth larvae live
  2. maggot-like larvae (moth caterpillars)
  3. pupae (silk cocoons) in which larvae turn into moths
  4. adult moths (often crawling rather than flying)

Please note, another common cause of damage to carpets or fur may be due to Carpet Beetles rather than moths.How to keep moth problems away

Once inside the home, moths lay eggs in dark and rarely disturbed areas where clothes or other textiles are stored. Follow the steps below to prevent moth damage in your home:

Tips on keeping moths at bay

  1. Draw the curtains or use a fly screen.
  2. Always clean clothes before storing them- dirty or soiled clothing is particularly attractive to moths.
  3. Keep stored clothing and textiles in sealed plastic bags or suitcases.
  4. Vacuum regularly – especially under furniture to remove moth eggs before they hatch. This is particularly important if there has been a previous infestation or if you have noticed increased levels of moth activity.

If the problem has become persistent, give us a call.

Get Rid of Moths - Moth Pest Control

If you suspect you have a moth problem, be sure to call a pest professional to treat the problem.

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