Moving In

Let’s face it, who wants to move into a new home not knowing if there are any creepy crawlies hanging around? Pests tend to hide in small cracks and crevices that cannot be removed without a pest control specialist. The only way of ensuring your home is pest-free, is to have pest control before moving in!

When the property is fully vacated and cleaned that is when you should have your pest control service. Pest control in an empty property is more effective as the pests have fewer places to hide. As a result, treatments take less time to complete, saving you money!

Protect your family and rest easy knowing your pest control has been done by professionals!

Moving Out

Everyone knows that moving is a hassle. Especially when you are worrying about receiving your rental security deposit back. Having a pet in your rented accommodation can also add to your moving headaches. Most Landlords who allow pets require a pet pest control service as a part of your Move Out Inspection. This type of pest control service targets fleas and ticks.

The treatment should be the last thing you do before moving out. We can email the receipt/proof of treatment either to you or to the landlord/agent directly.

Buying or Selling

Home inspectors will look for any hazards, safety threats, or major defects to your home. But they limit what they put in their report about pests. Checking for pests and knowing how to get rid of them requires specific skills that a home inspector doesn’t have.

The pest inspection itself can last as little as 30 minutes.  However, it may take longer depending on the size of your home and if you have any crawl spaces, a basement or an attic. During a pest inspection, our technicians check the exterior and interior of your property. They are looking for any signs of infestation, damage or areas that are attractive to pests. Specifically, they are looking for evidence of birds, wood boring insects, urban wildlife and rodents.

Why you should consider a pest home inspection

Purchasing a new home is one of the biggest investments Canadians make in their lifetime. The protection of this investment is of utmost importance. A professional pest inspection can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Moving Home

If you are experiencing a pest issue now or are concerned with protecting your home and family, call Pestcheck today to discuss the solutions we can provide you.

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