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Hiya, I’m Julie. The voice at the end of the phone when you call us for pest control.

My pest control life goes right back to when we lived in Lanzarote, Spain in 1999. This is where my husband Stephen and I ran our first pest control business. At the time, I was the first non-Spanish woman to qualify as a pest control technician.

Fast forward to 2018 and Stephen and I are at it again. We started Pestcheck, our family business. This is when I started our blog.

I am passionate about helping people solve their pest problems. My goal is to bring clear, concise information to you about pests and how to get rid of them.

I am a West Vancouverite. Not only did I go to school in West Van, but so did my two boys, Tayler and Cruz.  Family means everything to me and I love working with both Stephen and Tayler.  Stephen and I have been happily married for over 30 years. Fingers crossed, the business will thrive and grow with us!


julie at neptune 2

Amazing team. Julie is awesome!

Neil Olson

Why do I have ants in my house in winter
how to get rid of squirrels in your home
Three raccoons at a home. How to get rid of raccoons
Collage of insect jewellery. Creepy Christmas gifts.
bug racer
the front of a home dressed up forhalloween pests
fancy rat mouse day. three pictures of mice and rats dressed up.
roach inn
green house in vancouver that requires an attic and crawl space rodent clean up.
landlord vs tenant sign with question marks for pest control
a brown rat in the corner of a room thinking about ratapocalypse is the rise of rodents
Vintage ad rough on rats for mice, bed bugs, flies and cockroaches
A silverfish on a light blue wall. A fish out of water
a lady pressing a button on a glass window. The word storage is on the window. She is pest proofing your storage unit.
Laundromat with a bench in the middle of the room. This facility has bed bugs in the laundry room
Cleaning fruits and veggies in a sink to get rid of pesticides
Unweaving the spider web with a lady screaming. She is trying to clean the spider webs and get rid of spiders
Get rid of ants on this slice of watermelon.
One wasp nest in a tree and one on a roof hang. Owners need to learn how to keep wasps away
a suitcase overflowing with clothes sitting on a bed in a hotel. Bed bugs 101 - how do bed bugs travel
a carpenter bee with a yellow hard hat. How to get rid of carpenter bees
a cartoon lady running away from a swarm of wasps. Wasp stings
a picnic blanket on grass with picnic food. This is a pest-free picnic.
two chocolate covered cockroaches. Are there cockroaches in chocolate?
a yellow cartoon house looking through a magnifying glass. He needs home pest inspecion.
a home being demolished. rodents at bay
bed bug on a hand in a bedroom. the bed bug attraction
a toy house on a mouse snap trap. selling your home with a house for sale sign
Flea, mosquito, tick and bed bug bites on humans. what bug is biting you.
a green cup of coffee sitting on a nightstand with an unmade in the background. Bed bugs
A lady and a pest control technician standing in a kitchen. She is signing her pest control contract. How to hire a pest control company
The village name of Dundarave on a plaque on the boulevard. Support local business
raccoon kissing hand cartoon. Love is in the air for raccoons.
multicoloured unicorns of pest control
Orchid mantis
Yellow cracker spelling ant with an ant on the letter T. Ants in house
man washing his hands during coronavirus
A waitress going to shake the hand of her customer. Local restaurants
rs w 1280 3
Mouse in the house. Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta in Grease.
Super mouse
restaurant kitchen with restaurant pests
A ginger and white cat and a brown mouse looking at each other
drawings of different commercial buildings. Pest control plan
a 007 mouse hanging above a mouse trap with a wedge of cheese on it. Do mice like cheese.
year of the rat 2020 and a mouse. pest rat
A mouse sitting on top of a car tyre. Mice in the car
I hear noises in my attic. A mouse in a snap trap
a mouse climbing down electrical cables. Do you have office mice.
A cartoon of a man standing on a chair afraid of a mouse. Funny pest videos.
unbug christmas. A full christmas dinner table looking down from the ceiling.
pest free day care. toddlers are sitting at a table eating their lunch.
Christmas pests. Branch of a Christmas tree with a spider's web
insects in a pile of firewood
dog sprayed by skunk with a sign
A girl lying on a bed in a student dorm. Bed bugs hitchhiking their way into her room.
A mouse in the house trying to escape out the window.
vintage photo of cartoon rats teaching facts about rats
how to get rid of squirrels in your home
raccoon meme saying
stephen tayler cruz with vehicles. Business owners
Two chefs working in a commercial kitchen which needs restaurant pest control
bed bug on skin. Bed bugs bite.
three mice climbing. One has a flower. mouse math
image3 1
image2 1
A scarry rat. Musophobia
A potato chip covered with ants. How to stop ants in your kitchen.
a cartoon cockroach for DIY pest control vs professional
rs w 1280 4
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