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Whether you own a condo or you manage a large multi-unit complex, Pestcheck has you covered. There are unique challenges that multi-unit complexes and condominium properties face when it comes to pest management. Pest issues often prove difficult to pinpoint and control due to shared flooring and walls. Many properties have communal areas such as trash areas, service areas, hallways and building exterior that require pest protection. We provide a flexible schedule for apartment and office pest control services ie. weekly, monthly etc.

Pestcheck understands the importance of being proactive, fast and discreet when it comes to your properties pest management. Whether you have multiple locations or a single property, we can provide the exact protection and control services you need to keep you and your tenants satisfied.


If you manage an office building, property management means meeting needs and that includes commercial pest control.  Superior structural pest control service helps you maintain a positive reputation. Pestcheck provides an affordable and effective service, keeping pests out and employees or tenants in. 

We can help you keep a Good Reputation by educating you, your employees, and your tenants. This is an essential part of maintaining a pest-free business. We will also provide:

  • Maintenance tips
  • Discreet, flexible scheduling (weekly, monthly etc)
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Logbooks for you and your tenants

But as many business owners know, pest prevention simply cannot start only when there is an issue. That’s why proactive pest prevention may be the key to keeping pests from ever finding their way into your office buildings in the first place. 


We devise a plan that is cost effective for your investment, and provides you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business.

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