Raccoon Pest Control

Raccoons are very intelligent and fearless animals. They are classed as pests due to their stubborn and nocturnal nature. Raccoons can damage your gardens. In addition, they can even make a big mess in your home. However, removing raccoons can be a dangerous business. At Pestcheck, we removal raccoons humanely. First, our technicians complete an inspection of your home. They then determine whether to use a one-way door trap or to use the live trap method.  Most importantly, any raccoons caught are released back into the wild.

Tips to Keep Raccoons at Bay

Are raccoons getting into your trash cans at night? If yes, then why not try one or all of these tried and tested deterrents for these pesky critters!

  1. Place trash cans as far away from your home as possible.  Then, correctly seal the trash can lid by stretching a rubber bungee cord tight from one handle over the top of the lid to the other handle.
  2. Hang a string of blinking fairy lights around trash cans and leave them on all night.
  3. Place a small radio near the cans and leave it playing all night. Make sure the radio is very secure as you don’t want the raccoon to run off with it!
  4. Sprinkle a little ammonia on each trash bag you put in the can.

Contact Pestcheck right away to help you with your raccoon problem. Our highly trained professionals can help you eradicate your pest problem in a timely and humane fashion. Most importantly, we do not recommend you solve this problem on your own.

Again, raccoons are dangerous animals. In other words, their removal is best left to professionals who are ready and capable of handling them. In addition, we provide attic and crawl space clean up and exclusion work services.

Get Rid of Raccoons

If you still can’t get rid of the raccoons, give us a call and one of our technicians will remove them from your property. More over, the raccoons captured are treated humanely and released into the wild.

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