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Unlike the Looney Tunes cartoon character, Pepé Le Pew, skunks are actually timid, non-confrontational and unobtrusive. If it was not for their trademark stench, you may not be aware of their presence…unless of course, they decide to take up residence in your yard!

Skunks tend to inhabit porches, decks, sheds, etc – basically anywhere they can find shelter and warmth. Due to their inquisitive nature and poor eyesight, they have the tendency to be a little accident-prone and may end up in basement window wells, etc.

While skunks are a nice way to eliminate grubs from your yard, that’s hardly a real positive trade-off when they spray your poor dog with stench over and over. Or if they bite your children and spread a dangerous disease, such as rabies. Simply put, you don’t want a skunk living anywhere inside your home, even if it’s simply squatting under your porch.

So, you’re squeamish about setting traps and toxic baiting systems? We understand. Of course, we don’t do that either. Depend on us to handle your skunk removal needs the humane way. Even though we don’t want our clients living with skunks, we also don’t want to harm the animals. By humanely catching them and releasing them in a far-away location, we address both issues at the same time. We implement skunk removal services that you can trust.  Most importantly, we do not recommend that you solve this problem on your own.

In addition, we provide attic and crawl space clean up and exclusion work services. Pestcheck is a family owned, local pest control business. Support our local business and call us today (778) 903-7378.

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If your home has been invaded by a skunk, contact us right away. We have skunk traps that humanely capture these pests. All skunks caught are relocated.

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