Spider Pest Control

For many people, spiders are terrifying creatures that would be better off dead. Especially those people with Arachnophobia. However, what some may fail to realize is that spiders primarily feast on insects. Equally important, they are successful in controlling the insect populations.

Indoor spiders and outdoor spiders are extremely different. Virtually, all indoor spider species live only indoors. They do not have the capacity to thrive in an outdoor setting. Likewise, most outdoor spider populations only live outdoors. Instead of going indoors during the winter months, like many people assume, outdoor spiders actually become less active or dormant.

Even though, spiders actually provide a form of natural pest control, that doesn’t mean they have an open invitation to come into our homes. A spider infestation can cause contamination of food in kitchens and pantries. Taking action to prevent spiders in your home, goes a long way in avoiding these risks.

Tips to Keep Spiders at Bay

1. Keep your garage, attic and basement clean and clutter-free

2. Seal any cracks or crevices around your home

3. Inspect any boxes such as your Christmas decorations before bringing them into your home

If You Have an Alarming Number of Spiders

The most obvious reason to call Pestcheck for spider control is if you see a large number of spiders inside or outside your home. The presence of many spiders may indicate that there is also a problem other types of bugs. Spiders can’t survive without a generous supply of food. When a home or business has many insects, it will clearly attract spiders.

No matter how hard you try, getting rid of spiders and preventing their return can be a challenge. Understanding the signs of a spider infestation can be a warning that professional spider control is in order.

Get Rid of Spiders

If you suspect you have a spider infestation in your home, contact us and we will identify the species and properly remove the pests.

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