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Who wants to live with squirrels? They may be cute to watch from your window, but having them in your home, the walls, or in your attic is quite another thing. Remove your unwelcome, furry visitors by using our team for squirrel removal. We safely trap and remove all of them, as well as prevent them from coming back.

Are Squirrels Living in Your Home?

Check out these clues to see if Mr Squirrel and his family have moved into your attic:

1. You hear strange scratching, jumping or scampering noises in your home during the day

2. When you take a look in the attic, you find squirrel dropping

3. Your fascia boards, shingles, eaves troughs and outer panels have been damaged along the roof line.

4. Inside your home, you notice strange odors and water damage marks on your walls and ceilings from the squirrel urine and feces

Squirrels cause major damage to homes and can put the occupants at risk. Infestations in the attic can create a major fire hazard as the squirrels often make their nests by tearing up insulation and gnawing through electrical wiring. Nests can be large and contain a fair amount of dry material and when combined with exposed wiring, it can lead to a fire.

So, you’re squeamish about setting traps and toxic baiting systems? We understand. Of course, we don’t do that either. Depend on us to handle your squirrel removal needs the humane way. Even though we don’t want our clients living with squirrels, we also don’t want to harm the animals. By humanely catching them and releasing them in a far-away location, we address both issues at the same time. We implement squirrel removal services that you can trust.

In addition, we provide attic and crawl space clean up and exclusion work services. Pestcheck is a family owned, local pest control business. Support our local business and call us today (778) 903-7378.

Get Rid of Squirrels with Squirrel Pest Control

If you notice any of these signs in your home, contact us. We will inspect your home, humanely relocate the squirrels and point out the entry areas the squirrels are using which will require exclusion work.

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