Unbug Christmas

unbug christmas. A full christmas dinner table looking down from the ceiling.

Christmas dinner is the jewel in the crown for feasts and if you let them, unwanted pests will start to appear in your home. There is always a lot of food at Christmas time and of course, there are plenty of leftovers to go around. Pest problems around the holiday season cause you stress when you should be full of good cheer. Let’s unbug Christmas for you this year!

Store Food in Containers

Store your prepped and unprepped food in tightly sealed containers. Fact: a family of rodents can live off a crumb a day while ants and cockroaches can survive for about a week.

Keep Your Fruit in the Fridge

Take your fruit out of the fridge when you are ready to eat it.  And put the peel or core in a bag “before” you throw it in the garbage. The extra layer of protection will keep insects from laying eggs in rotted fruit carcasses.


Seal them up tight and store them out of reach of rodents and other pests ie. store in the fridge or in plastic containers.

Take the Garbage Out

Keep your garbage sealed at all times and make sure you take it out. Fact: rodents and insects can find a way into your garbage.

Household Tasks

  1. Clean spills up, immediately.
  2. Don’t leave stacks of dishes near the sink. Put them in soapy water.
  3. Deep clean around and under the fridge and stove. These are notorious collection areas for rotting grime and sticky spills.
  4. Vacuum crumbs off the rug on a regular basis.
  5. Leave pet food out only during meal time.

If you are having difficulties with uninvited pests, give us a call on (778) 903-7378.

From our family to yours, we wish you a pest-free Christmas!