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Prep Sheet: How to Prepare Your Home

2 prep sheets: how to prepare your home

In an effort to better educate our clients about our pest control services here, in the Lower Mainland, we have assembled helpful, informative preparation sheets on a variety of pests.

Our prep sheets also let you know what to expect during the treatment and after the treatment. Most importantly, we provide guidance on the re-entry period to your home when we use insecticide indoors.

Please feel free to browse through the pest topics below or contact us should you ever have any questions or concerns.


Basic preparation steps for ants include cleaning up spills, storing food in ant-proof containers and thorough vacuuming.

Carpenter Ants Prep Sheet (pdf)
Pavement Ants Prep Sheet (pdf)
Pharaoh Ants Prep Sheet (pdf)

Bed Bugs

If you suspect your home has a bed bug problem, our qualified technicians will come out and conduct an initial inspection to identify and confirm it. We have created a checklist for you to follow on how to prepare for a bed bug treatment to ensure the most effective treatment possible.

Bed Bugs Prep Sheet (pdf)
Bed Bugs (Aprehend) Prep Sheet (pdf)


Cockroaches like dirt and grim. To help eliminate an infestation, you should commit to keeping your home as neat and clean as possible for long-term success. Eliminating food sources is the key to success. Read our prep sheet for more information.

Cockroach (Bait and Dust) Prep Sheet (pdf)
Cockroach (Spray) Prep Sheet (pdf)


Pestcheck is committed to using the best products on the market to get rid of silverfish. To learn more about our silverfish treatments download our preparation sheet. Follow the step-by-step guide on preparing your home for a treatment.

Silverfish Prep Sheet (pdf)


A spider infestation can cause contamination of food in kitchens and pantries. Taking action to prevent spiders in your home, goes a long way in avoiding these risks. Download our preparation sheet to make your home treatment ready.

Spiders Prep Sheet (pdf)


Most clients who have fleas in their home have gotten them from their pet. Here are just a few our recommendations you can do to prepare for our treatment:

  • If your pet has fleas, make sure you treat their fleas
  • Wash all of our pet’s bedding
  • Vacuum carpets and mop hard-surface floors, including along walls and inside closets
  • Clean or vacuum furniture, especially between and under cushions

Fleas Prep Sheet (pdf)


To ensure your mice treatment or rat treatment is as effective and long-lasting as possible, here are a few things you should do:

  1. Start by repairing all holes in walls and along baseboards.
  2. Seal doors that don’t close properly.
  3. Remove all items from the top of the refrigerator and from beneath the kitchen sink to provide clear access to these areas.
  4. Remove all food items on kitchen counters and place packages of dry goods in plastic containers.

Rodent Prep Sheet (pdf)

Carpet Beetles

Are they infesting your home? First off, check out these warning signs of an invasion:

  • Holes in your carpeting, furniture, or clothing
  • Spots of shed skins or fecal matter in your carpet or furniture
  • See the insects around the windows or baseboards of your home or office

Preparation is key to getting rid of carpet beetles. Download our preparation sheet.

Carpet Beetles Prep Sheet (pdf)

Wasps and Carpenter Bees

If you want to get rid of a wasp or carpenter bee nest, don’t rely on DIY methods. Our pest control methods are the safest and most humane techniques in wasp nest removal and carpenter bee nest removal.  Click on the pdf file and download our preparation sheet.

Wasps and Carpenter Prep Sheet (pdf)


By following our recommendation in our preparation sheets, you are giving yourself the best possible outcome for your pest control treatment.  The success of our pest control service is based on a partnership between you, our clients and ourselves.

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