West Vancouver Pest Control Service by Pestcheck West Vancouver

West Vancouver Pest Control Services by Pestcheck West Vancouver

Pest Control Service for West Vancouver Area

Our West Vancouver pest control team has 20+ years of pest control experience to eliminate & prevent any pest problem in West Vancouver. Call (778) 909-1318 for a free estimate.

About West Vancouver
Pest Control Service

Pestcheck is here to help you get rid of pests, whether it's your home or business that is being infested by them. Pests can be harmful and difficult to control, especially if they are nesting in your walls and causing structural damage. They may enter your property unseen and begin breeding before you realize something is wrong. In order to control and eliminate pests, different solutions are required depending on the type of wildlife, insect, rodent problem in the area. We will apply years of expertise and experience to give custom solutions for the pest problems you're dealing with.

Pest control services are prioritized to ensure your wellbeing. We make every effort feasible to keep pests out of your house so that you may enjoy a bug-free environment. Although rodenticides and pesticides are frequently used, they may not be necessary in every scenario. We understand how important it is to use environmentally friendly pest control methods and products. You can be confident that when you hire us for extermination services, we will get the job done right without harming the environment.

We pride ourselves in the safe and effective removal of any pests, rodents, or wild animals from your home. All wildlife animals that are captured will be removed from your property back into their home range. The best solution is to eliminate the pest before it has a chance to reinfest your home. Our experts will repair and seal off any easy access points, and then follow up with you to make sure that the pests can't come back.

Our trained and certified exterminators are experts in pest management, which means they can handle any type or size infestation for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Our technicians in West Vancouver also offer demolition permit pest control reportand attic clean up services as well.

At Pestcheck, we want what's best for your family and also the environment. That is why we are always searching for new ways to help you protect your loved ones without causing any harm to our environment.

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We can provide our pest control service in any location and for large or small projects. Our pest control service is available for commercial, industrial & residential properties in West Vancouver, which is also backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

  • Stratas, Apartments & Residential Homes
  • Commercial & Industrial Properties
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Retail Stores
  • Education Centres & Daycares
  • Property Management Companies


pest control Associations, Partners & Certifications

Pestcheck Pest Control prides itself on providing innovative and advanced technology for pest prevention and management.

business license issued by BC goverment our West Vancouver pest control team
our West Vancouver pest control team is part of National Pest Management Association
our West Vancouver pest control team is part of Professional Women In Pest Management
our West Vancouver pest control team is part of Women In Pest Control
our West Vancouver pest control team is certified by Quality Pro
our West Vancouver pest control team is certified by Green Pro
our West Vancouver pest control is one of the Best Rreviewed Handyman
our West Vancouver pest control won The Best Of Vancouver award
our West Vancouver pest control uses ISN to ensure regulatory compliance.
our West Vancouver pest control is insured by WorkSafe BC
our West Vancouver pest control team is part of Canadian Pest Management Association
our West Vancouver pest control team is a member of Structural Pest Management Association of British Columbia (SPMABC)
Satisfaction Commitment made by our West Vancouver pest control team

OUR Commitment To You

We protect your home like it’s our own.

Our family has been in the pest control business over 20 years. We’ve been able to assist many satisfied clients who return to us for all of their pest elimination and pest prevention needs.

We are so confident in our ability to keep insects, rodents and wildlife away that we promise to keep working with our clients until they are completely satisfied.

All of our pest control pesticides are Health Canada registered and tested. They are deemed to be relatively safe when applied by our trained professional technicians.

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Why Pestcheck pest control Services

We are a West Vancouver, local pest control company owned by the Scott family. Our simple strategy of helping people prevent and control pest problems has protected businesses and households time and time again.

Safe Pest Control

Just like you, we have families, children and pets. Safety is a deeply held value and we are absolutely dedicated to using safe products, in a safe manner. We focus on training every West Vancouver pest control technician to follow the safest practices.

We always use the most environmentally responsible products which can effectively control any given pest. More importantly, we make recommendations to help prevent future pest problems and provide you with peace of mind.

Our People

Safe Pest Control

Just like you, we have families, children and pets. Safety is a deeply held value and we are absolutely dedicated to using safe products, in a safe manner. We focus on training every West Vancouver pest control technician to follow the safest practices.

We always use the most environmentally responsible products which can effectively control any given pest. More importantly, we make recommendations to help prevent future pest problems and provide you with peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

When you hire Pestcheck, you can be rest assured knowing we know where all of the pieces of the puzzle go to make sure your home is safe and pest free. For some added peace of mind, we can tailor a plan to fit your specific needs.

Imagine not having to worry about rats coming into your home over the winter. Or not having to wonder if there are carpenter ants slowing eating away at the structure of your home. And never seeing a mouse scurry across your kitchen floor!

GreenPro Certified

GreenPro Certified

The GreenPro program is the most widely recognized green certification program in the world. Our new GreenPro designation means that we comply with the procedures and systems established by the NPMA’s GreenPro Committee. This means our clients receive a responsible, eco-effective service.

QualityPro Certified

QualityPro Certified

The QualityPro certification is the brain-child of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). The NPMA created this certification so that the pest control industry could increase their professionalism. We are the 22nd company out of 1,281 pest control companies in Canada to be QualityPro certified (June 2021)! That calculates to 1.7% of the pest control companies in Canada have this accreditation.

What an honour and privilege it is to receive this certification for our local, family business.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

As a QualityPro certified company, we are committed to environmental stewardship. Through the use of integrated pest management (IPM), we take the right steps to identify and correct the root of your pest problem. But at the same time, we keep the use of pesticides to a minimum. By using us, you will help preserve the earth for generations to come. These effective methods control your household pests while at the same time, address your concerns about protecting your family, property and the environment.

When you partner with us, you’re in good hands. Being a QualityPro company means we care about our clients and take great pride in the quality of our service for your peace of mind. Call us now for the best service in pest control!

pest control Company - Top Rated In West Vancouver

pest control Facts That We Are Proud Of



Years of

For over the years, our West Vancouver technicians have been providing exceptional service to our valued clients.




Client by client, job by job, we’ve earned a reputation for quality pest control service.




Our goal is for our clients to be completely satisfied with the pest control services we provide.



Success Rate

To date, 98% of our pest control treatments has been a success. We are very proud of this fact.

How Can We Help with Your Pest Problems

Our West Vancouver Pest Control Services

See how our professional services can help you with commercial, industrial, and residential pest control management.

West Vancouver
Insect Control

Insects often can be very resilient. So, if you have been unsuccessful in eliminating your pest problem, you may need to take the next step. Pestcheck provides Integrated Pest Management services that are guaranteed to get to the root of the problem and solve it quickly.

Read More

West Vancouver
Rodent Control

Not only are rodents a nuisance, but they are destructive to ventilation systems, buildings, and roofs. Their habits, droppings and the dirt they leave behind spread mites and disease to humans. Let us handle remove them professionally.

Read More

West Vancouver
Wildlife Control

Raccoons, skunks or squirrels may be cute to watch from your window, but they can cause major damage to your property. Pestcheck provides wildlife removal services that are guaranteed to get to the root of the problem and solve it quickly.

Read More

Attic & Crawl Space
Clean Up

Many homeowners are unaware of the problems that can occur in hard-to-reach attics or crawl spaces. Rodents and wildlife animals not only make a mess but leave feces and diseases in these areas. It is important to remove the infected debris and then sanitize and disinfect the area.

Read More

Demolition Permit
Pest Control Report

Do you need to demolish a building that is derelict? Many local authorities in Metro Vancouver require a pest control / rodent abatement report issued by a professional pest control business. This is necessary to ensure the building and immediate surrounding area are pest free prior to demolition.

Read More

Pest Control Process Followed by Our Technicians

How to Get Started?

Pestcheck is Vancouver’s go-to pest control company — we’ll help you with your pest problem one step at a time.

Step 1

Contact Us

When you have a pest problem, your first step is to contact us. Our team can answer many of your questions and book your first appointment.

Step 2


Because your home or business is unique, every new service starts with an inspection by one of our licensed technicians to customize your service.

Step 3


Advice and recommendations are given to you about the treatment(s) available and possible pest-proofing and repairs.

Step 4


Depending on the recommendations, the technician performs a single treatment or multiple treatments. You will receive progress reports throughout the service.

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Get to Know Our Pest Control Staff in West Vancouver

Our Pest Control Family

All our professional technicians are fully licensed and exceptionally trained to detect and eliminate pests. We value our clients and the relationships we build over the course of treating your property. Our pledge to you is to always be friendly, polite and honest, and display great respect for your home, family and pets!

Stephen Scott

Owner, Head Technician

Brought up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, I have lived in many countries with my wife and kids over the years. However, immigrating to Canada with my family in 2009 was the best decision I made.

My career in pest control started back in the early 2000’s working for myself in Spain and then for Poulin’s Pest Control here in Vancouver. I started Pestcheck Pest Control along side my wife, Julie in 2018. My family gave me the incentive to work hard and make this company successful.

When Julie and I are not working we love to travel, especially to Mexico. I also like to cook delicious food for the family.

Stephen is very knowledgeable and can find a solution for any problem. Highly recommend if you need any pest control services!!
- Eric Alvano

Julie Scott

Owner, Manager

I work with Stephen and the boys behind the scenes. I am usually the first person you speak to when you call Pestcheck Pest Control. Answering your general questions, scheduling appointments, blogging and managing our social media are among many things I do.

Keeping up to date on the latest technology is key to being the most effective and organized pest control company in Vancouver.

In the family business work never really stops, but on our days off I enjoy catching the latest shows on HGTV and Coronation Street! I love spending time with Stephen, my dad and the boys.

Amazing team. Julie is awesome!
- Neil Olson

Tayler Scott


There is nothing better than an honest day’s work with my family. I am proud to be a part of our amazing team at Pestcheck.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with our family and watching soccer. It goes without say that I am a Newcastle United supporter.

Phenomenal service. Reliable and professional. I would definitely recommend this service. Tayler, the technician, did a fantastic job!
- Nicholas Quintillan

Cruz Scott


My favorite pest to treat for is mice. From mice to yellow jackets, I’m always ready and able to take care of your pest control needs.

In my free time I enjoy playing video games and hanging out with my friends. Just like my brother, I love watching Newcastle United play!

Five Stars!
- Bonnie C.


See What Our Clients Say About Our West Vancouver pest control Service

Check out what people say about us

The work was excellent. We moved to a new place in West Vancouver as we realized the house has had issues with pest due to long term vacancy. Immediately contacted several rodent clean up service providers but only Stephen came at the same day. He did a good job and came back one more time to spray again. We are very happy with the quality of pest removal work he did and would recommend to every one dealing with pests at home.

Kamal Ghaffari - Happy client for our pest removal services in West Vancouver

Kamal Ghaffari, West Vancouver

Don't think twice, this is the rodent clean up company you should contact first in West Vancouver if you are dealing with pests! I can't thank Steven enough for his help, follow up and support. The service was excellent from the first call, he took his time to understand the situation, to provide us with information about pest and fast response to our urgency. He managed to visit us at the same day. Steven was very responsive, available when needed, flexible, and mostly patient. Our situation demanded several follow up visits, and Steven didn't fail us with his support and his presence and kindness. we are overwhelmed by his professionalism and by taking care of his clients by taking the extra miles. His efforts and work deserves more than 5 stars. We would appreciate his pest removal services.

Michella Haber - Happy client for our pest management services in West Vancouver

Michella Haber, West Vancouver

I was so impressed with this rodent clean up company. I called two to begin with and Pestcheck answered the phone with a live person and were already on the way to help by the time the other Pest Company even bothered calling back. Great advice about issues with pest, professional, and seemless throughout the transaction. It's also so nice to support a local family owned company in West Vancouver.Thank you Pestcheck for your pest removal service, you are my go-to now for myself and all my clients when we deal with pests.

Christy Laniado Real Estate - Happy client for our pest control services in West Vancouver

Christy Laniado Real Estate, West Vancouver

Steven helped us in dealing with overwhelming pest last summer that had damaged our property and frightened the children. Stephen is fabulous; he was professional and knows what he is dealing with. He implemented a live trap system in both situations, a humane way of dealing with these critters. He sealed all the entry points into the attic ensuring any guests had a way out and none were left behind. Best of all is there is no chance of these pests ever coming back to our place. Pestcheck is a reliable pest control company and Stephen, your number is saved as one of our favorites. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your pest removalservice and helping in West Vancouver!

Guy Almog - Happy client for our pest removal services in West Vancouver

Guy Almog, West Vancouver

The entire pest management at Pestcheck Pest Control was amazing from start to finish. The customer service I spoke to on the phone to schedule the pests inspection was so kind and professional. The pest inspectors who did the inspection were also phenomenal. As a person who is early to everything I appreciated them showing up early too! They have been organized and very thorough throughout the pests inspection and explained everything. Overall, it was a fantastic experience, and as long as I am in West Vancouver I will never use another company. Thank you Pestcheck Pest Control!

Cai Lin - Happy client for our pest management services in West Vancouver

Cai Lin, West Vancouver

My neighbor recommended Pestcheck Pest Control when I complained about a pests issue 2 weeks ago. I was able to get a quick appointment and an amazing price in comparison to the 4 pest control companies I called in West Vancouver. The woman that helped me on the phone was incredibly helpful and polite. The pest removal technician that came to service my place was also really friendly and professional. He was patient with all my questions! The problem has been resolved and I hope I never have pests issues again but if I ever do I now know who to call.

Amelia Gallagher - Happy client for our pest control services in West Vancouver

Amelia Gallagher, West Vancouver

I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a termite or pests service. I recently discovered a property of mine in West Vancouver had termites and had to quickly get someone to service the issue. After a few calls to different companies, I chose Pestcheck Pest Control because they offered the best pricing. I was only looking for a company that provided quick and affordable service but to my benefit. I also got an extremely knowledgeable staff and professional pest removal service. I was educated on the details of the service and how they could solve the pests issue. The pest management followed up with me to make sure I was happy with the service and to see if I had any additional questions. All in all, it was exceptional service!

Joel Parry - Happy client for our pest removal services in West Vancouver

Joel Parry, West Vancouver

Called Pestcheck Pest Control to get an inspection of some pests that I found in my apartment in West Vancouver. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to connect with the pest removal team and receive timely responses back. The one phrase that gets me all the time is "I'm not trying to sell you here / I'm not going to just take your money for something that isn't NEEDED to be done or serviced". This just shows me true honesty and class with business owners who would rather take your business with respect and honor rather than just make a quick buck off of you. I am more confident to recommend this professional pest control company to anyone. CERTIFIED PESTS SLAYER!

Morgan Wright - Happy client for our pest management services in West Vancouver

Morgan Wright, West Vancouver

I have now used Pestcheck Pest Control twice on two different investment properties in West Vancouver. Each time I was very pleased with their professionalism and expertise in getting rid of pests. The pest removal technician was thoughtful, thorough, and friendly. He explained everything to me and the residents. Very happy with his amazing pest control service. I will continue to use Pestcheck Pest Control for all my pests services.

Kamron Keller - Happy client for our pest control services in West Vancouver

Kamron Keller, West Vancouver

I've used this company for years and will continue to as they provide excellent pests services for my rentals and home in West Vancouver. Pest management is so wonderful to work with on scheduling. The pest exterminator was fantastic doing on-site exterminating and fully explains what he is applying and always does proper checks when dealing with potential pets or children. Highly recommended pests terminator!

Din Haldar - Happy client for our pest removal services in West Vancouver

Din Haldar, West Vancouver

My tenant recommended Pestcheck Pest Control when I had an issue with pests bites. The pest inspectors were polite and answered all my questions. I then had them inspect the other two units and sure enough, one of the units had pests. They have explained to me my options and treatment plan. I hired them to treat the issue. The pest management is amazing as they respond quickly to calls and emails, and are professional and courteous. Everything went smoothly and I would highly recommend this company in West Vancouver and will use them again if the need arises. They have a great team!

Abigail Watson - Happy client for our pest management services in West Vancouver

Abigail Watson, West Vancouver

I chose Pestcheck Pest Control because we live nearby in West Vancouver and they had a large number of fantastic pest removal reviews. My wife was very happy with their pest control assessment and found them to be very honest, transparent, and professional. Instead of trying to sell us on the need to exterminate pests, they told us we didn't have any infestation and gave us practical advice on how to limit random pests showing up. Job well done!

Alberto Mcguire - Happy client for our pest control services in West Vancouver

Alberto Mcguire, West Vancouver

I very rarely post any reviews on any business. However, the folks at Pestcheck Pest Control are the best. I work for a local real estate developer and to say I was lucky to come across these pest inspectors is an understatement. They are especially knowledgeable about pests issues and helped with my situation very patiently. The pest removal technician is professional and responsive. I intend on using them for all unpleasant pests in West Vancouver.

Rani Raj - Happy client for our pest removal services in West Vancouver

Rani Raj, West Vancouver

As strange as it might sound, Pestcheck Pest Control in West Vancouver managed to make the pests' extermination process a rather pleasant one. I'd highly recommend this company and their regular maintenance service. Pest management is really personable and efficient. On the day of the inspection, they called to let me know that the pest exterminator was a few minutes away. He arrived on schedule, and he was professional, courteous, and really thorough. He answered all of my questions about pests and made recommendations for each unit as part of his initial inspection of our 8-unit condo building. Their fees are reasonable and to me, it's worth every penny just for the peace of mind.

Allie Savage - Happy client for our pest management services in West Vancouver

Allie Savage, West Vancouver

We have been using Pestcheck Pest Control for the past two years. Recently we had an issue with pests at my house in West Vancouver and the pest removal technician was outstanding, on time and very informative. I highly recommend them for any pests issues you may have on pest control.

Cameron Bright - Happy client for our pest control services in West Vancouver

Cameron Bright, West Vancouver

Great customer service! From booking my appointment to getting services performed by this company in West Vancouver was a pleasure to work with. The pest removal technician was very helpful and gave recommendations for getting rid of pests for my unit going forward. I would recommend their pest control services for anyone dealing with a pests issue or those seeking to prevent one.

Karam Bagchi - Happy client for our pest removal services in West Vancouver

Karam Bagchi, West Vancouver

We chose Pestcheck Pest Control based on some good reviews and they did not disappoint. They were fair-priced compared to other pest control companies in West Vancouver. Pest management is more responsive and is truly experts in pests matters. They got right back to me on every pests question and provided some good guidance.

Lucas Ross - Happy client for our pest management services in West Vancouver

Lucas Ross, West Vancouver

Pestcheck Pest Control and their pest removal team were understanding and amazing to work with. From the number of times, they came to my property in West Vancouver and inspected all areas to confirm the pests' point of entry to how professional they were, I would highly recommend them! The pest inspectors also made sure to check all surrounding traps (that were not their responsibility) and refill! When working they made sure to be very cautious while walking through my property and they also left it as clean as possible! Anytime I called in between with questions or pests concerns, they always responded quickly and reassured me that everything will work out! They are very comforting and definitely put me at ease!

Leah Patel - Happy client for our pest control services in West Vancouver

Leah Patel, West Vancouver

AMAZING! They were very nice from the moment I contacted them by phone for pests assistance. The pest inspectors were very professional explaining every single step to us and being very nice during the pests elimination process. Great experience with this pest control service in West Vancouver!

Pramod Kapil - Happy client for our pest removal services in West Vancouver

Pramod Kapil, West Vancouver

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