Rat Pest Control

The most unwanted house guest has got to be the rat. Hands down. If you share your home with these pests, we can all agree on one thing: it’s time to evict!

First of all, these facts about rats are sure to ramp up your rat removal pest control game plan:

  • Rats bites people when they’re sleeping and rats transfer diseases like Typhus and Meningitis through their saliva. Rat bite symptoms can be a fever, vomiting and joint pain. The bite can be fatal if left untreated
  • Rats can tread water for three days and survive being flushed down a toilet! Who knew? Even worse, they can return to the building they were ‘flushed’ from via the same route.
  • Rats have razor sharp teeth and can chew through electrical wires, breeze blocks and even lead pipes.
  • A female rat is a baby-making machine. Rats can breed all year long.  Who wants a roomie who is multiplying at a rapid-fire pace?
  • Rats have excellent memories. Once they learn a navigation route, they won’t forget it.


If you find that you do have an infestation of rats in your home, you don’t have to worry because we have got your back.  Our treatments work hand in hand with your preparation.  Preparing your home first, is a key element for successfully eradicating the infestation. Our rodent preparation sheet includes a checklist of what you need to do prior to your treatment. It also explains what to do after your treatment. As a result of completing your preparation and treatments, your home will be rat-free.

In addition, we provide attic and crawl space clean up and exclusion work services. At Pestcheck, we are committed to solving your rat problem. We are your rat exterminator and rat removal pest control service in Metro Vancouver.

Get Rid of Rats

As soon as you suspect you have a potential rat problem, contact us to get the process started. Time is of the essence.

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