The snake story is more of a legend because there were probably no actual snakes in Ireland. However, many of the pagan religions which were prevalent at the time used serpent symbols. Bringing Christianity to the country would symbolically put an end to that practice, thereby “driving the snakes out of Ireland.” While we probably will never be called saints, many clients are happy that Pestcheck provided ant controlrodent control, and urban wildlife control services that drove unwanted pests from their home or place of business.

Here are a few fun facts about St Patrick’s Day you can enjoy:

The original colour associated with St Patrick was blue

Green became the dominant color as the holiday was used to highlight Irish nationalism against British rule in the 1790s. Green is also associated with the idea of the Emerald Isles.

There’s a reason to wear a shamrock

Many people wear a shamrock on their lapel or shirt during St Patrick’s Day. The phrase, “Drowning the Shamrock,” comes from the custom of taking the shamrock and floating it on top of the last drink of the night to insure a prosperous year ahead.

Saint Patrick wasn’t even Irish

He was born in England and brought to Ireland as a slave at age 16. He escaped, but later returned as a missionary. It is believed he died on March 17, 461.

The Original Holiday Didn’t Involve Drinking

Because this was a religious holiday, pubs in Ireland were closed for business on March 17. This didn’t change until 1970!

Whether you need home or business pest control, let the leprechauns at Pestcheck handle your pest control needs while you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

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