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Celebrate Fancy Rat & Mouse Day

fancy rat mouse day. three pictures of mice and rats dressed up.

Are “fancy” rats fancy because they are wearing formal gowns and tuxes? Are “fancy” mice fancy because they have excellent table manners or because they host amazing parties?

Nope – the word fancy doesn’t mean elaborate, decorative, expensive or well-dressed. In this case, it means “to like something or someone”. In other words, if you fancy rats and mice – you like them as in domesticated ones that people have as pets!

Fancy rats are domesticated brown rats which are the most common pet rat. Fancy mice are domesticated house mice. These creatures can be purchased at a pet store or breeder.

History of Fancy Rat and Mouse Day

The American Fancy Rat & Mouse Association is the organization that founded and continues to sponsor the annual Fancy Rat and Mouse Day.  They are based in California and according to their website they “promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of fancy rats and mice for show and pets.”  They have official standards for judging and competition and their competition shows are much like what you may be familiar with for dogs and cats.  There are, of course, awards and prizes for the different categories and the competitors come from around the world to participate.

But if you can’t attend AFRMA’s event, how should you celebrate? How about a movie night in? Choose from An American Tale, Ratatouille or some classic Mickey Mouse. Just don’t forget the cheese to nibble on!

On a serious note, if you get a visit from the non-domesticated rodents,  give us a call on (778) 903-7378.

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