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What’s in Your Laundry Basket?

Laundromat with a bench in the middle of the room. This facility has bed bugs in the laundry room

Believe it or not, bed bugs can hitchhike from home to home through a shared laundry room and laundromats.

If you wash or dry your clothes at the hottest temperature, your risk of catching bed bugs through shared machines is minimal. Basically, what goes into the dryer at high heat for half an hour comes out safe. Make sure you don’t overloaded it. Washers on high heat are probably safe as well.

However, some bed bug eggs could survive a cold water wash. So you could pick up someone else’s problem if you then air-dry some of your clothes. The bigger danger has to do with carts and tables where laundry may be placed or stored.  Some carts are canvas or cloth and they can be even more problematic. A wash and fold service or dry cleaning service are even more of a concern for spreading bed bugs. Bags of unwashed belongings may sit around for awhile, sometimes in close proximity to already-laundered or dry-cleaned items.

If you are concerned, take your laundry down in a bag and place you clothes directly inside the washer. Then fold them when you get home on a white sheet, towel or cloth which will enable you to inspect for bed bugs. You could also do this on a sheet or plastic sheet in the laundry room. (Just be sure to get back down to the laundry room early before someone removes your clothes for you and puts them on the folding table.)

Rest assured, the chances are slim that your whole laundry room is infested.

Note to current bed bug victims: Please PROTECT your neighbours and yourself from future re-infestation by bagging dirty clothes in sealed plastic bags. And open the bags directly into the machine.

Pestcheck understands just how frustrating a bed bug infestation can be. So if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate position of having bed bugs in your home, give us a call on (778) 903-7378.

We can give you preventative tips for treating clothes, bedding, furniture and more. Our bed bugs preparation sheet gives you a step-by-step checklist on what to do when you have an infestation.

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