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  • a mouse climbing down electrical cables. Do you have office mice. Do You Have Office Mice? - The last thing you want in your office is mice.  They can do a great deal of damage through chewing cables, spoiling food, urinating and defecating.  How can you tell… Read More
  • A cartoon of a man standing on a chair afraid of a mouse. Funny pest videos. Funny Pest Videos - Here is a more light hearted look at people and animals reactions to pest sightings.  Absolutely hilarious.  Enjoy these funny pest videos! Adele Gets Attacked by a Mosquito Adele was… Read More
  • unbug christmas. A full christmas dinner table looking down from the ceiling. Unbug Christmas - Christmas dinner is the jewel in the crown for feasts and if you let them, unwanted pests will start to appear in your home. There is always a lot of… Read More
  • pest free day care. toddlers are sitting at a table eating their lunch. Pest Free Day Care - We want to keep our day cares free of germs and insects. So having a 100% pest free day care is a must. Spiders, cockroaches, beetles, silverfish, ants, mice and ticks aren’t welcome and they… Read More
  • Christmas pests. Branch of a Christmas tree with a spider's web Christmas Pests: Prevention Tips for the Holidays - Christmas is just a few short weeks away. It's time to bring out the tree and decorations. However, nothing can put a damper on your holiday cheer faster than an… Read More
  • insects in a pile of firewood Keep Pests Out of Your Firewood - Temperatures are dropping and winter is coming. Of course this means it's officially fireplace season. Unfortunately, you aren't the only one looking to stay warm this winter! Don’t let staying… Read More
  • dog sprayed by skunk with a sign Dog Sprayed by Skunk - Getting sprayed by a skunk is no laughing matter. But a dog sprayed by skunk sucks. A friend of mine posted on Facebook “My dog got skunked! What should I do?”… Read More
  • A girl lying on a bed in a student dorm. Bed bugs hitchhiking their way into her room. Bed Bugs Hitchhiking from University - Is your kid a student visiting home for the weekend or for the holidays? Then you should be proactive in protecting your home from bed bugs. Bed bugs hitchhiking rides… Read More
  • vintage photo of cartoon rats teaching facts about rats Meet Your New Roomie – Facts About Rats - First off, the most unwanted roomie has got to be the rat, hands down. If you share your home with these pests, we can all agree on one thing: it’s… Read More
  • How did Squirrels Get in my Attic? - It's common knowledge that squirrels will nest in attics, causing damage and generally disturbing your home. But what many people do question is: How do squirrels get in my attic?… Read More
  • raccoon meme saying "I brought you here to talk about your garbage" Raccoons in Trash! - Have you ever woken in the morning and found your trash cans are knocked over and garbage is strewn all over your front yard?  If this has happened to you,… Read More
  • stephen tayler cruz with vehicles. Business owners Business Owners: 5 Reasons to Choose Pestcheck - It is a difficult task for business owners to determine which pest control company is the best option. Because of the various types of pests and the potentially dangerous chemicals… Read More