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  • Two chefs working in a commercial kitchen which needs restaurant pest control Restaurant Pest Control – Why You Need It - Restaurants rely heavily on good reviews. Whether it is word of month or on the Internet. We live in an age of smartphones and instant access to reviews. No restaurant benefits… Read More
  • A wasp sting on skin Wasps…STING! - It is the end of summer here in Vancouver. However, there are still pesky wasps flying around, acting drunk but they are very dangerous. Don't be fooled or you might get… Read More
  • bed bug on skin. Bed bugs bite. Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! - Did you know in the 1950’s, bed bugs were eradicated from most developed countries through the use of the chemical DDT?  However, the insecticide was banned in 1972 due to… Read More
  • three mice climbing. One has a flower. mouse math Do the Math…Mouse? - The common house mouse is the most effective invasive mammal species on the planet, and for good reason. Their reproductive capability makes it almost a certainty that by the time… Read More
  • Cereal with pantry bugs Pantry Bugs: Who Else is Eating Your Cereal??? - It's that time of year again for spring cleaning your kitchen. But as you were cleaning out your kitchen cabinets did you come across bugs? No need to panic! More… Read More
  • Friends eating at a table at a backyard party How to Keep Your Backyard Party Bug Free - When you are planning a backyard party, the notorious party crashers are mosquitoes, flies, ants and wasps. And don't forget the foraging rodents like mice and rats. They would be more than happy… Read More
  • A scarry rat. Musophobia Do You Have Musophobia? - Maybe the photo might be a hint...what the heck is Musophobia? Well it is the fear of mice and rats. Musophobia is one of the most common specific phobias and can exhibit… Read More
  • ants solving problem of cake transportation, teamwork. This is how to stop ants in your kitchen. How to Stop Ants in Your Kitchen - Do you find ants in your kitchen? Ants can contaminate food, so finding them in your kitchen is frustrating. How to stop ants in your kitchen and why do they… Read More
  • Wasps and a thermometer with the words insect effect. Summer insects Summer Insects: the Weather Too Hot to Handle - Summer is here but be extremely cautious when rainfall is in the weather forecast. Rain is a great stimulant for pests to reproduce. And reproduce they will by the thousands!… Read More
  • Honey bees and lady bugs on a purple flower Honey Bees & Lady Bugs Are A Loved Garden Bug - Honey Bees and Lady Bugs works so hard in our gardens in the summer months. Lady Bugs eat garden pests like Aphids, Fruit Flies and Mites to name a few. A single… Read More
  • a cartoon cockroach for DIY pest control vs professional DIY Pest Control vs Professional - With the help of YouTube you can watch a ‘How to’ video on almost any topic you can think of. DIY for many, is the cheaper option to get rid… Read More
  • Flying ants with a blue sky background The Twists and Turns of Flying Ants - When you think of common pests that give you a scare, are flying ants the first that come to mind? We hear a lot of panicked talk around this time… Read More