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  • Carpenter ants in house. a carpenter ants on top of frass beside wood Are Carpenter Ants in Your House? - Identify and get rid of carpenter ants with video. Read More
  • pollinator - lady bug on a daisy, a humming bird taking nectar from a pink flower and a beige moth on a beige flower Pollinator: Is It All About the Bees? - First off...what is pollen? Pollen is the flower’s way of making more flowers. The male part of the flower makes pollen (protein). Bees, beetles and butterflies move from flower to… Read More
  • Pestcheck pest control phone number with an orange vintage phone Pestcheck Pest Control Phone Number - Pestcheck Our telephone is, without a doubt, one of our most valuable tools to help our clients with their pest problems and secure new business. All of our marketing and… Read More
  • pestcheck is greenpro organic pest control Organic Pest Control – GreenPro Certified! - Ants, rodents and all other pests certainly don’t have a place in a clean and healthy home. Before you go ahead and hire the first pest control company you see… Read More
  • qualitypro canada certificate for Pestcheck We Are QualityPro Certified! - Pestcheck Pest Control is proud to be one of a few pest control companies in Canada to earn the QualityPro designation.  In fact, we are the 22nd company out of… Read More
  • two people sitting on a sofa thinking about QualityPro Bed Bugs on Planes - Sorry to give you one more thing to worry during the pandemic but bed bugs will be making a big comeback. As everyone is itching to start travelling again, the… Read More
  • a cartoon beekeeper with a nest. Stop Stop! How NOT to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest - Wasps are common summertime pests. Their stings are not only painful but can cause allergies in some people and so it is necessary to get rid of wasps. One way… Read More
  • a manual typewrite with the words Fruit flies Any Questions? FAQ: Fruit flies FAQ: Fruit Flies - Why is it when you sit down to enjoy a nice glass of frosty cold rosé in the summertime, you're instantly inundated with a swarm of little hovering guests? They… Read More
  • The Fruit Fly: muliply fruit flies in a glass of white wine Fruit Fly: Get Rid of Fruit Flies - As we move into summer, many people start feeling a bit more tropical, more fruity. At this time of the year, fruit tends to become more available and affordable. After… Read More
  • Colourful signposts with names of cities against a blue sky. Pest Control Near Me Pest Control Near Me - It can happen anywhere, to anyone, at any time: uninvited guests. If you are reading this, you likely want to know what you should do when you discover you have… Read More
  • Attic Clean up: Should You Hire a Professional? - Evicting rats, squirrels or raccoons from the attic is a big process and it comes with some side effects. The process doesn’t end after eviction: there is still a major… Read More
  • Flies on a dinner plate with shrimps. How to get rid of flies How to Get Rid of Flies - For me, house flies are even more annoying than ants. They are attracted to warm air currents coming from your house. If they detect odours on those currents, all the… Read More