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Do Mice Like Cheese?

a 007 mouse hanging above a mouse trap with a wedge of cheese on it. Do mice like cheese.

You are not going to believe this. Do mice like cheese? The answer is no!

In fact, the pungent aroma of cheese puts them off from eating it. According to Dr David Holmes of Manchester Metropolitan University, mice don’t like cheese at all. However, if a rodent is hungry enough, they may nibble on cheese.  The scent of cheese would not lure a mouse to a trap.

Where the “mice like cheese” myth come from?

The image of a little mice climbing in and around the holes in wedge of Swiss cheese permeates pop culture, from Shakespeare to “Tom and Jerry” cartoons. While it’s unclear where this myth originated, it likely dates back to the middle ages, before the invention of modern refrigeration.

Back then, food storage was much more complex than simply sticking something in the refrigerator. Meat hung from hooks on the ceiling and grains were stored in bags. Most importantly, large wheels of cheese coated with wax or a layer of cheese cloth for protection were left out.

During this period, it’s possible that hungry mice simply dug into whatever food they could access. Stealing a few morsels from a bag of grains leaves little evidence. However, biting into a hunk of cheese leaves behind tell-tale teeth marks. This evidence may have spurred the idea that mice love cheese.

What do mice eat? If mice don’t love cheese, then what do they like?

So if mice don’t like cheese, what do they prefer to eat? Mice prefer to dine on sugary foods, including fruit, grains or even chocolate if it’s available.

If you’re trying to bait a mousetrap, a little something sweet will almost always provide greater success than even the finest variety of cheese. The discerning mouse is likely to turn his nose up when offered cheese thanks to its not-so-subtle odor and flavor.

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