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Do You Have Office Mice?

a mouse climbing down electrical cables. Do you have office mice.

The last thing you want in your office is mice.  They can do a great deal of damage through chewing cables, spoiling food, urinating and defecating.  How can you tell your office has mice? Well, you first may hear scratching noises above you or in the office walls.  You may see evidence of feces or urine. Or you may notice electrical cables have been chewed along with cardboard or food has been gnawed or nibbled at. As mice are nocturnal, you probably won’t have a sighting during office hours.

How do mice manage to get into your workspace? There are many ways in which a mouse can get into your office. Mice are very nimble creatures, able to run and jump at great lengths, as well as climb almost any surface. On top of that young mice can squeeze through a gap as small as dime.

Mouse Highway

Mice can navigate their way into your workplace through connections between different buildings using water pipes, cables and other underground methods. This allows mice to quickly move between different buildings with ease.

How can mice get into these pipes and cable routes? Well, hopefully, you’ll know by now that when a mouse can’t fit through a hole they will gnaw at it with their teeth until they can. Their teeth are very sharp and strong and can gnaw through almost anything. This can include some metals, especially when it’s old and weak ie water pipes. Once inside, mice can find their way around using ‘mouse highways’ we have created: cable risers, false ceilings, false floors, wall partitions and elevator shafts – quick ways to travel longer distances in search for food.

How Can I Stop Mice Coming Into My Office?

  • Check for leaks in your plumbing system and pooling water around bathrooms, sinks, and other water-holding areas. These hidden water sources can make for easy watering holes.
  • Secure rubbish, especially food waste, in metal or hard plastic containers that can resist gnawing.
  • Do not leave out cakes and cookies or other employee-shared snacks overnight.
  • Keep your staff kitchen area clean.  Wash up the dishes before leaving for home.
  • Ask staff to keep their food in the kitchen rather than store it in their desk drawers and use pest-resistant, un-gnawable containers.
  • Keep an eye out for signs of re-invasion and continue to manage all the above.

If you have taken the necessary mouse prevention precautions but still find yourself with some unwanted office guests, then the next course of treatment would be to contact us on (778) 903-7378 or email us at contact@pestcheck.ca.

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