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Dog Sprayed by Skunk

dog sprayed by skunk with a sign

Getting sprayed by a skunk is no laughing matter. But a dog sprayed by skunk sucks.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook “My dog got skunked! What should I do?” This prompted me to write about getting rid of that nasty, nasty smell.

First off, commercial products don’t work. Don’t waste your money. Here is what the experts say about tomato juice:

  • It doesn’t actually remove the skunk smell and leaves a tomato odor
  • If not fully rinsed, it may attract insects
  • Your bathroom may look like something out of a horror movie if your dog shakes off during or after your application

So what is there out there to help?   Chemist, Paul Krebaum created a simple solution to combat skunk odor on dogs:

  • 1 litre of 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • ¼ cup baking soda
  • 1–2 teaspoons liquid soap (recommended Dawn)
  • Latex gloves

Prepare an open container for the mixture. Never use a closed container or store the solution, as there is a strong possibility of explosion. Don’t start making the solution until you’re ready to apply it to the fur.

9 Steps to De-Skunk Your Dog

  1. The longer the skunk spray stays on, the more time it has to dry and seep further in. Don’t delay!
  2. If your dog is outdoors, keep him there. If indoors, get him into a bathroom immediately, avoiding contact with any furnishings.
  3. Wear clothes you don’t mind ruining.
  4. Using paper towels, soak up as much of the spray as possible. Wipe only the affected area so the oil does not spread.
  5. Mix the solution in an open container. Again, NEVER USE A CLOSED CONTAINER.
  6. If your pet’s fabric collar was also sprayed, leave it on for the bath.
  7. Apply the mixture directly to the area most affected while avoiding your dog’s eyes, nose and mouth. Allow it to sit for at least 5 minutes. If your pet has long fur, trimming it to remove the smell is another option.
  8. Rinse off the solution thoroughly with warm water and wash your dog with dog shampoo. Rinse and dry.
  9. Pour any remaining solution down the drain. NEVER store any leftover solution.

If you need skunks removed from your property, please contact us on (778) 903-7378. We humanely remove all urban wildlife.

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