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Family Business: Families Who Play Together, Stay Together

Stephen, Tayler and Cruz Scott playing monopoly by candlelight. It's a family business.

There are four of us in our family business. Stephen is the head of the family and the head technician. Tayler, our eldest son, is a technician and Cruz is our apprentice technician. Me? I’m the matriarch and general dogs body…I run the office.

When you use our services, you get to understand a little more about our business. Because you can have a more direct connection with us as business owners, you tend to notice that we also have a more personal interest in you.

No matter what, we want to see our sons succeed whether it be working with us or working for someone else.  As they choose us, we go over and beyond mentoring them and teaching them all that we’ve learned.  The bottom line is we want to pass our knowledge down to them.


Stephen and I have decades of business knowledge as we grown our family businesses over the years.  However, we don’t want all that knowledge to go to waste. We’re eager to pass it down.  It’s better than any college course you can take because you’ll learn it first hand and not from a textbook.


We know our kids strengths and weaknesses.  As a family, we have to cover each other and pull our own weight.  If one of us is slacking, we’re going to let them know.  We will give them an opportunity to not only improve, but also become better at what they do as a result.


There’s a certain level of trust that happens in families that doesn’t happen anywhere else. If one of us has a new, out of the box idea for something, selling it to us is much easier than selling it to someone else.

Families believe in family and know family members are invested in the business.  It’s a true team effort.

Behind the success of every small business, there is a family.


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