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How to Get Rid of Rats: Call Pest Control / Rodent Control

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If you’ve recently come across every homeowner’s furry little nightmare (yes, we are talking about how to get rid of rats!), you’re not alone. Don’t let their small size mislead you – these creatures can cause a great deal of damage to your house, contaminating food and spreading diseases.

So what attracts them to your home in the first place? Some key factors that tempt these rodents:

  • Poor Sanitation – when rats have easy access to food and water, they appear out of nowhere. Always keep your roof area garbage free. Make sure cut back any bushes, trees or foliage which is touching your home.
  • Safety & Comfort – as long as there are the smallest void to your roof, the rat will set up home. So If you see a void in your roof, close it.
  • Food, Food & More Food – most importantly clean up all leftovers and crumbs. Keep your kitchen clean and put out the trash every day.

The Roof Rat is Your Enemy

If the scurrying sound comes from above and keeps you up at night, then your unwelcome guests have probably invaded your house’s roof and ceiling. Chances are, you’re dealing with roof rats, also known as black rats.

These rodents are brilliant climbers.  You can find them in your ceiling, attic, voids along the roof line and inside the wall of your home.

As much as you want to get rid of these pesky pests yourself, the best bet is to call in a pest control company.  Rats carry disease. Pest control technicians are trained to deal with a rat infestation in homes, restaurants, office buildings, schools etc. Read on to find out what a pest control technician will do to get rid of mice both inside and outside your home.

How to Get Rid of Rats INSIDE Your Home

  1. Inspect, inspect and inspect again.  Before you can get rid of rats, the technician needs to conduct a full home inspection to find out where they’re coming from.
  2. Seal up the Voids. Rats don’t need a large entry point to get into your house. In fact, they can squeeze through any hole that you can stick two fingers through.
  3. Trap. It is very rare for our technicians to use rodenticide inside any structure.  They use snap traps, glue boards, tin cats and RTUs which are strategically placed in high activity areas.  Don’t worry if you have toddlers and pets – the traps are very well concealed.

How to Get Rid of Rats OUTSIDE Your Home

  1. Keep your yard clean. No clutter, no overgrown bushes and trees touching your home and no piles of wood up against your home.
  2. Clean up fallen fruits, vegetables in the garden or pet and bird food.
  3. Seal up the Voids. Rats don’t need a large entry point to get into your house.
  4. Trap as your first line of defense. Our technicians will complete their inspection outside your home. They are looking for evidence of rat activity in your yard.  If they discover this, they will recommend a scheduled exterior service to keep the rat population down around your home.

Rats are one of the most frustrating household pests. They harbor diseases, they cause destruction to your house and they contaminate your food. Eradicating rodents from your property doesn’t have to be a stressful and a time-consuming issue because Pestcheck’s technicians are always there to help.

They know how to get rid of rats quickly. Professional pest control gets the job done right the first time, saving you a lot of headaches and potentially hundreds of dollars in property damage.

Our experience with rat control dates back to 1999. We are the go-to pest control company in Vancouver with the best resources for fast rat removal. Not only do we get rid of rats quickly, but they stay away for good! Contact us today to get the peace of mind you want once and for all.

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