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Organic Pest Control – GreenPro Certified!

pestcheck is greenpro organic pest control

Ants, rodents and all other pests certainly don’t have a place in a clean and healthy home. Before you go ahead and hire the first pest control company you see advertised on Google, make sure that they are GreenPro certified. Especially if you want an organic pest control service. So what does it mean to be GreenPro certified?


Eco-friendly has been around for a while and it has never been more important than now. In order to stay competitive, companies need to ensure they can meet the changing requirements in their industry. Of course, pest control companies are no different. Did you know we are required to adhere to strict environmental standards? This certification is a hallmark that our GreenPro methods are unquestionably environment-friendly.


GreenPro certified means we are committed to delivering effective, high-quality pest control services to our clients. Our GreenPro accreditation is from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).  This is the only truly ‘green’ pest control qualification in the pest control world.


GreenPro certified companies openly talk about the differences between traditional pest management techniques and their innovative green solutions. Even though we are knowledgeable about the traditional methods, we also use newer green strategies for pest control. In extreme cases where the better option is to use a pesticide, we work out a plan to ensure minimal impact.

Your GreenPro service includes:

  • We first inspect and monitor the property.
  • If we find a pest problem, we will first eliminate the sources of food, water and shelter that pests need to survive (for example, we may seal cracks, recommend the installation of screens or remove debris from the exterior of the building).
  • If we need to use a pesticide, we will use products in a manner that minimizes any risk to people, pets or the environment.
  • Before making a traditional pesticide application, we must first discuss it with you and obtain your consent.

GreenPro is the mark of excellence in pest management. This program is increasing the professionalism of the industry through self-regulation. It does this through  stimulating consumer demand through increased confidence and a higher public perception of industry professionalism.  GreenPro provides marketing opportunities to pest control companies by recognizing commitment to excellence and higher performance standards. In a nutshell, we offer organic pest control services. To learn more about what makes Pestcheck Pest Control a GreenPro certified company, give us a call today!

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