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Restaurant Pests: Know Your Hot Spots

restaurant kitchen with restaurant pests

Restaurant pest prevention anywhere can be quite daunting. But when you’re dealing with food inside (and outside) your restaurant, that challenge is magnified even further. Every establishment is different and so are the preventative measures. There are a few “hot spots” in and around any restaurant that demand particular attention.

Receiving Areas

In the receiving area, you have boxes and crates of food going in and out constantly. This is an ideal location for a wide range of pests to enter the restaurant. Make sure you thoroughly inspect all shipments for insects and signs of rodent infestation before moving them inside.

Exterior Lighting

A lot of insects are drawn to the warmth given off by lighting. In fact, they are so attracted to ultraviolet light that it is used to lure insects into glue traps and bug zappers. These are great tools for luring flying pests away from your building or taking care of any that may sneak inside. You also want to be mindful of your lighting strategy. Install lighting away from your building and direct the light towards doorways. You don’t want to attract them towards your restaurant.


Cleanliness is important in all facets of food service. Dumpsters are of particular concern because they’re sure to attract pests and become a public eyesore if not properly maintained. Be sure you invest in a dumpster that’s appropriately-sized for your needs to help prevent overflow. Regularly clean the area with a hose (unless using a dumpster deodorizer, which should not be discharged into the environment). Dumpsters should be located away from your main building and equipped with lids that shut tightly.

Entrances & Exits

Doors and windows should be kept closed when possible. If your door is constantly open due to service on your patio, for instance, consider investing in an air curtain to deter flying insects. Many doors would also benefit from a door sweep. The door sweep seals gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor threshold for added protection against not only moisture and drafts, but also insects and rodents. A great pest control technique is to regularly inspect the exterior of your building for any cracks and crevices that pests may use to sneak inside.

Floor Drains

Floor drains in a janitor’s closet or washing area can be an unfortunate breeding ground for pests – especially flies. Be sure to regularly check beneath the drain grate for loose debris and clean the drain with an enzyme-based cleaner.

Contact a Professional Pest Control Service

An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan will help protect your restaurant from pest invaders. Get a jump start on those bugs and rodents and prevent infestations before they begin.  Or if you’ve got pests that snuck in, Pestcheck’s technicians will identify the problems, devise a plan and set you on a path towards a pest free restaurant. Check us out!

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