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Rodent Abatement Report for North Vancouver Demolitions

Hole in the wall of a derelict building. Requires a rodent abatement report

Rodent Abatement Reports are now required before demolition in Coquitlam, Delta, New Westminster and North Vancouver. Pestcheck Pest Control is the leading provider of abatements. We’ll keep your project on track!

Why is the report necessary?

When the building is demolished, the rat colony is immediately displaced. Construction machinery also sends waves of vibration through the ground. This disturbs any rats living below the surface. Thus causing them to seek shelter in adjacent structures, like homes and businesses.

Rats are the ultimate squatters. Where most of us see a derelict property, rats see prime real estate. This is where they can get shelter, build nests and reproduce. These buildings are also a convenient source of water due to leaks.

When a building has been a neighbourhood eyesore for years, the decision to demolish it may seem like a smart one. You will no longer have to worry about adventurous kids being hurt. However, it may not occur to you that tearing the building down can introduce a whole new problem. It is the perfect home for a rodent population.

What we do?

First we come out to inspect the property.  If there is an infestation, a rodent removal service is put in place. Baits and traps will be used. Once the infestation has been eliminated, we will issue you the rodent abatement report. The service takes between 7 – 10 days to complete. Then, you submit the report with your demolition permit application.  

Please note: the report is needed whether or not your property has an infestation.

If you need a rodent abatement report to receive a demolition permit, you have come to the right place. Our rodent abatement program is fast, efficient and effective so you can keep your construction project on track.

Call Pestcheck Pest Control today. We are specialists in rodent and avian abatement.

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