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Over the years, you would have likely had your share of unwanted guests; in-laws staying over for the holidays or old friends from college who outstay their welcome, but none of those compare to pests. Odds are, at some point or another you will have some sort of rodent or insect find its way into your home. Once they get in, they can be next to impossible to get rid of. To pests your home is a 5-star resort. They have an endless supply of food, a quiet place to relax and peace of mind.

Creating Havoc in Your Home

Some of the most common pests found in homes are mice, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders and ants, just to name a few. Some of these pests are nothing more than a nuisance.

  • Bed bugs pose no known threats to people even though they do bite, leaving behind a red, itchy rash.
  • Other pests can contaminate food and surfaces and carry deadly diseases and parasites such as mice, rats and cockroaches. Some types of spiders carry venom that can cause serious reactions.
  • Mice and rats have also been known to chew through wires, posing a fire hazard.
  • There are some others pests that can cause serious structural damage to your home, including termites and carpenter ants.

One thing that all of these pests have in common is that no one wants them in their house!

Even 5 Star Resorts Have Pests

Thinking of travelling? Maybe boarding a plane, checking into a 5 star resort or sailing on a cruise? Well, you may come in contact with a pest or two during your vacation.

Bed bugs are synonymous with hotels…why is that? Bed bugs are one of the best hitchhikers in the bug world. They can be found in suitcases, purses, soft toy animals, backpacks, clothes and bedding. Because of this, they can spread rapidly.

When you check into your hotel or cabin on a cruise ship, follow this check list:

bed bugs where to look

The infamous cockroach has headlined in many restaurants around the world. Don’t forget about mice darting around your favourite cafe. These are pest who can multiply very quickly if not dealt swiftly.

If you discover a pest in your room like bed bugs, cockroaches or ants, let the hotel know about the problem. Most hotels will change your room or refund your charges. Nearly all hotels, motels and cruise ships are very good about receiving a report on this and will have the problem dealt with by a professional. Try to avoid getting a neighboring room in the hotel in case the problem has spread to neighbouring rooms. After all, you deserve peace of mind when you are on vacation!

Pestcheck Pest control specializes in servicing hospitality industry. We have decades of experience preventing and eliminating pests from checking into your hotel or ordering the daily special at your favorite restaurant!

Giving You Peace of Mind

When you hire Pestcheck, you can be rest assured knowing we know where all of the pieces of the puzzle go to make sure your home is safe and pest free. For some added peace of mind, we can tailor a plan to fit your specific needs. Imagine not having to worry about rats coming into your home over the winter. Or not having to wonder if there are carpenter ants slowing eating away at the structure of your home.  And never seeing a mouse scurry across your kitchen floor!

Contact us today to learn more about pest elimination and prevention so you can have the peace of mind of having a pest free home.

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