Bed Bug Removal

Firstly, did you know that bed bugs don’t just live in and around your bed area? Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. So, be aware of the signs of an infestation. It can be the difference between a restful night or an itchy one.

In general, bed bugs can be found in hotels, libraries and cinemas to name a few in Vancouver. When staying in a hotel, don’t forget to check your belongs and especially your luggage BEFORE checking out. Ideally, you can look up the Bed Bug Registry to see if your hotel is on it!

Unusual Hiding Places for Bed Bugs

  • Stuffed Animals
    Many kids love to take their favorite fluffy friend outside or go to school. So, washing and drying stuffed animals on a hot cycle can help get rid of any bed bugs.
  • School Buses
    Bed bugs are found in the upholstery of school bus seats and can jump onto students backpacks and clothing. You want to regularly wash your kid’s backpack on a hot cycle.
  • Airplanes
    Even bed bugs can take to the skies and travel. Bed bugs can be found burrowing in seats, carpet and vents on airplanes.

Bed Bug Preparation

Finally, if you find you do have an infestation of bed bugs in your home, don’t worry because we have got your back.  Our treatments work hand in hand with your preparation.  In fact, preparing your home is a key element for successfully eradicating the infestation. Our bed bugs preparation sheet includes a checklist of what you need to do prior to your treatment. It also explains what to do after your treatment.

At Pestcheck, we will take care of your bed bug problem. We are your bed bug exterminator and bed bug removal service.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

If you suspect you have a bed bugs control problem, be sure to call a pest professional to treat the problem .


Is Aprehend® Nontoxic Biopesticide

Aprehend® is composed of fungal spores applied strategically in narrow bands where bed bugs are known to walk; direct spray contact is not necessary. Bed bugs of all life stages, sex or feeding status are killed within four to ten days following short-term contact with a treated surface. The fungal spores germinate within 20 hours of contact and then penetrate the cuticle of the bed bug and colonize inside, resulting in death. The spores are easily transferred to others in the colony and all bed bugs that come in contact with the fungal spores, die

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