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COVID19 Pandemic and Bed Bugs

The Covid19 pandemic. Man lifting a mattress.

Nothing in our lifetime has created such a shift in human behavior as the current Covid19 pandemic. From the way children learn to the way adults work, this global pandemic has impacted every person.

The pest control industry is no different. While pest control professionals have typically practiced extreme safety measures while performing their functions,  Covid19 pandemic has brought the industry to a new level.

One of the lucky consequences of the social distancing practices has had a direct impact on bed bug infestations. Bed bugs act almost like a virus as they can jump from person to person.  However, with people social distancing, they do not have as much opportunity to breed. Read on for what is happening in these Covid19 times:

Are they getting harder to kill because of Covid19?

Bed bugs are very resilient and can be a tricky pest to treat. There is no evidence yet to suggest that Covid19 has strengthened them even more.

How long can bed bugs go without a meal?

Bed bugs feed off of the blood of humans and sometimes mammals. They are a very hardy pest and can survive anywhere from a few weeks to up to a year or more. Without having a host, they do become weaker and may eventually starve.

Since people aren’t traveling as much, they aren’t staying at hotels. Because of that, will bed bugs eventually die off?

While it is true that travel is down significantly and hotel occupancy rates are up against when it comes to hotels and other multi-unit buildings, most pest control professionals are concerned that there may be an uptick in infestations.

They are warning that bed bugs are bound to spread again as people start travelling and going back to the office. They may not be on the move but they are not dying out.

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