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Coronavirus: Rats Moving to the Suburbs

Rats are coming out of hiding as lockdowns caused by the Covid19, eliminate urban trash.” This statement is quoted from a recent article in the National Geographic written by Emma Marris.

As normal food sources like public trash bins and restaurant dumpsters became depleted, rat colonies began to fight over whatever food was left. They will even kill and eat other rats for survival. Although rats are nocturnal, meaning they are active at night, they are so desperate to find food, they are now seen on our streets in broad daylight. They are on the move to the suburbs, actively seeking food and shelter.

Because of COVID19, your habits have changed greatly. You’re self-isolating, or only going out for groceries or to your essential job like the Pestcheck technicians. You’re not going to restaurants or walking around downtown. And because of this, there just isn’t as much trash around. But rats aren’t going to use this time to lose some winter weight.

Be Wary of Rats

Rats are fast breeders when food is plentiful. In urban areas, even the presence of cats and dogs, has little effect on numbers and, in some cases, may even result in more food being available.

With a food supply and lack of pest control, a rat population can explode in a new area.

Rats are highly adaptable to their surroundings. A leafy suburb can offer an abundance of food and shelter. Their agility, curiosity and intelligence means they’re very adept at finding new places suitable for their survival.

Finding a new area triggers a rapid growth in population. The same effect occurs when control strategies are not sufficient to wipe out a population. Rats can quickly restore their numbers with successful breeding until competition for resources limits breeding and survival.

If you believe you have rats in or around your home or business, make sure you contact a pest management professional like us, Pestcheck Services Limited, to rid your home of the infestation. Our staff are following the government’s best practices during COVID19.  Call us on (778) 903-7378.

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