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Fruit Fly: Get Rid of Fruit Flies

The Fruit Fly: muliply fruit flies in a glass of white wine

As we move into summer, many people start feeling a bit more tropical, more fruity. At this time of the year, fruit tends to become more available and affordable. After a long winter, it’s such a treat to stock up on your favorite fruits. However, when purchasing these delicacies, make sure you don’t get too much. Overripe fruit attracts fruit flies. A tiny fruit fly can cause big problems. Learn how to prevent them with the help of Pestcheck Pest Control.

What are Fruit Flies?

Fruit flies are tiny black flying insects. They can be extremely obnoxious since they can appear in large numbers and fly around the kitchens, dining rooms and the entire house. Fruit flies usually appear in homes because there is food there. They eat and lay their eggs on rotting and overripe fruits, garbage and other organic materials. They’re attracted to sugary foods like a well-deserved glass of wine and will multiply quickly once they appear. In addition to food, fruit flies may infest your home if you have high humidity levels. They like moisture and warm temperatures.

Are They Dangerous?

At first glance, fruit flies appear to be harmless. They don’t bite or sting and they are not known to transmit any diseases to humans. However, they can sometimes spread bacteria which can be dangerous for your family. Because they are attracted to decay, they can pick up bacteria from rotting organic matter and bring these bacteria into your home. They will contaminate food and cooking surfaces and can make your family sick. Recent studies have shown that they may even be linked to the transmission of E. coli.

In order to prevent illness from fruit flies, you should wash your hands after coming into contact with them. We also suggest that you don’t swat at them or try to kill them with your hands. In addition, if fruits and vegetables have been left out unprotected, you should wash them thoroughly.

Most importantly, you should call a professional pest control company, like Pestcheck as our Burnaby pest control techniciansRichmond pest control techniciansCoquitlam pest control techniciansWest Vancouver pest control technicians and North Vancouver pest control technicians can assist you in eradicating your fruit fly problems and keep them from ever coming back.

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