What Bug Bit You? What Bug Bite Do You Have? Let’s Find Out!

Flea, mosquito, tick and bed bug bites on humans. what bug is biting you.

Bug bites are never fun. Itchiness and red, swollen spots are the most common symptoms which make these injuries very uncomfortable. However, depending on the offending bug, the symptoms can be more extensive and even include a trip to a hospital. So, what bug is biting you?


You thought fleas only bite your pets and other animals? Well, they bite humans too.  Since fleas can’t jump too high, they tend to bite ankles and feet. Flea bites look like small red circles and 3 or 4 bites are in a cluster.


The most famous of insect bites is of course, the mosquito bite.  They attack anyone without mercy. They’re also not picky when it comes to where to bite.  A red and itchy bump appears right after the bite takes place. Scratching it can make it swell more and become redder and itchier.


Tick bites are normally isolated and they produce pain, swelling, blisters and a burning sensation. The tick often remains attached to the skin. You need to remove it with tweezers, placing them as close to the skin as possible to try to detach the head. Apply alcohol over the bite and iodine to prevent further infections.

If a red ring appears around the bitten area and starts to expand, it is an indicator of Lyme’s disease. You should visit the doctor immediately in this case.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug bites can be hard to spot. Their saliva has anesthetic properties and few people know they’ve been bitten until they see the red rash. The small red spots are normally in a cluster or produce a zig-zag pattern. Try not to scratch your bites. If they bleed, they may get infected.

If you have a flea, tick or bed bug infestation, please give us a call. At Pestcheck, we are here to help you get back to a pest-free home or business.  Call (778) 903-7378 or email us at contact@pestcheck.ca.

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