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Pest Free Day Care

pest free day care. toddlers are sitting at a table eating their lunch.

We want to keep our day cares free of germs and insects. So having a 100% pest free day care is a must. Spiderscockroachesbeetlessilverfishantsmice and ticks aren’t welcome and they have no place in a day care center!

Hazardous Pests in Day Care

Some pests are merely annoying but others can cause serious harm to children. For example:

  • Mice and rats can contaminate food, food preparation areas and other surfaces with urine, feces and stray hairs. They carry diseases or fleas into areas where people are present. They can also trigger asthma.
  • Cockroaches are a common trigger of asthma and can carry diseases.
  • Wasps, hornets and some ants and bees can cause severe reactions from bites that can be life threatening for some people.
  • Flies can spread disease when they walk on food.

Here are a few tips to use to keep your facility pest-free:

  • Clean up after every meal time, so crumbs and spills don’t attract pests
  • Take out the trash when it’s full
  • Make sure there is no residue left behind in your trash cans
  • Be on the lookout for potential pest problems – look for chewed cardboard, dirty footprints, dust streaks or damaged wiring
  • Check for leaking pipes once a week and fix them as you find them
  • Double check the weatherproofing and frames around the building once a month and fix the gaps
  • Look for pest access points around the building on a regular basis

Don’t doubt your instinct. If it looks like a pest has been in your day care, you’re probably right. Report any suspicions you have as soon as possible. The faster you notice pests, the faster you can get rid of them!

Our technicians are specially trained to ensure that your day care center remains pest free and the kiddies you care for are safe from bugs and from the chemicals used to eliminate them. Give us a call today.

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