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Restaurant Pest Control – Why You Need It

Two chefs working in a commercial kitchen which needs restaurant pest control

Restaurants rely heavily on good reviews. Whether it is word of month or on the Internet. We live in an age of smartphones and instant access to reviews. No restaurant benefits from a review about cockroachesflies, or other pest sighting. If you get a BAD review about bugs or rodents turning up in your dining room that means disaster for your business and your reputation. Restaurants do benefit from restaurant pest control; it is vital to your business.

Professional pest control is the best way to make sure your business’s reputation in the community is a positive one. You want people telling their friends that your restaurant serves delicious food, has a friendly staff and maintains a clean, pest-free environment. You don’t want them telling their friends there was a mouse in the corner, a fly in their drink or a spider in the bathroom. In this day and age of social media, a bad review is just a key-stroke away. All anyone has to do before choosing your restaurant is to check online reviews. A potential customer seeing just one review of someone complaining of even the smallest pest issue could have your potential customer spending their money elsewhere.

Restaurants around the province have been shut down due to pest infestations. So, it is important to have a commercial pest control service in place.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. If you run a commercial kitchen and want to keep in line with BC law then you’ll need to ensure you have robust pest control service in place. The law states every operator of food premises must ensure that the premises are (a) free of pests, (b) free of conditions that lead to the harbouring or breeding of pests and (c) protected against the entrance of pests.
  2. The Health Inspector has the authority to shut down your establishment if you have an infestation. A regular service will make sure your restaurant is pest free – if and when you receive an inspection.
  3. Professional pest control technicians know how to monitor and manage pest threats so there is less of a chance your customers will come in contact with them.
  4. Pests don’t just affect customers, they can affect your employees too. When you have professionals help you maintain a pest-free environment, you’re going to have happier and more productive workers.
  5. DIY pest control often make problems worse and can create more health risks. A professional will make sure your pest control solutions safeguard your business and reduce risk.

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