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Super Mouse

Super mouse

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s Super Mouse!!!

Mice have many superpowers you may not know about.

Super Speedy and Creepy Climbing Powers

A mouse can run up to 8 mph, which may not seem like much. However, to put things in perspective, that’s the speed equivalent of an average sized human being running up to 160 mph. That certainly explains why they can be so difficult to catch. Mice can also run across telephone or power lines, as well as wires—better than any human tightrope walker ever could.

There are not many mammals that can scale rough surfaces such as tree trunks or brick walls vertically like mice. Their small claws allow them to latch onto most surfaces and climb quickly. In addition, mice can use their whiskers to sense whether a surface is smooth or rough and suitable to climb. If necessary, mice can also survive a fall of 10 – 12 feet.

Superpower to shrink

Meaning they have the ability to get through the smallest spaces, even as small as a dime. Once they fit their head through the space they can wriggle in the remainder of their body.

Superpower to chew

They can chew through many types of material which means that over time, they can chew their way into buildings. All they need to do is identify an already weakened point and get to work.

Mice are Super Eaters

Yep, Super Mouse eats just about anything! Their diet isn’t limited to cheese despite what the Tom & Jerry cartoons may lead you to think. In fact, mice hate the smell of cheese and only eat it as a last resort.

Pretty much any food item that you leave out in your home will attract mice. The best way to avoid accidentally feeding them is to keep every single morsel of food in your home out of their way.

If you want to eliminate superpower mice from your home, give us a call on (778) 903-7378 or email us at contact@pestcheck.ca.

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