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Ratapocalypse – The Rise of Rodents

a brown rat in the corner of a room thinking about ratapocalypse is the rise of rodents

In spring and early summer, the COVID19 pandemic emptied our city streets of people. Our packed urban-centers that were jammed with life became empty and devoid of humans. This was the perfect storm for the year of the rat. The temporary closure/scale back of countless restaurants and businesses have depleted rat food sources. Many rodents rely on scraps, trash and leftovers in urban areas as a means of survival.  Hungry, cannibalistic and panicked, the rats continued to search for their next meal. While the apocalypse may not be right around the corner, according to many experts, a Ratapocalypse could be! Fear the Ratapocalypse – the Rise of Rodents.

So were did the rats go?  They moved out to the suburbs. Here, they found neighbourhood trash cans brimming with food scraps and gardens full of fruits, vegetables and bird feed. This year, our business has seen a rise of 97% in mice and rat treatments over the same period (March to June) last year.

Now that summer has ended and winter is coming, the rodents are looking for shelter in a secure, warm place like your home. Attics, crawlspaces and garages are a perfect place to live out the winter. As the food outdoors dries up, they will find their way into your home!

This is the perfect time to weather their perfect storm by inspecting your home for entry points and voids. Our exclusion work will close up the holes the rodents are getting through. Stopping them from entering your home. For added protection you can set up a rat or mice exterior service plan. These plans will eliminate rodents outside your home before they come in and become an unwanted guest.  Call us now on (778) 903-7378.

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