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7 Most Common Christmas Tree Insects & How To Prepare For Them

Should I cut down a real Christmas tree or buy a fake one? It is a question on everyone’s mind at Christmas time. But if you choose a fresh one, will you also invite into your home Christmas tree insects such as spiders and mites? Freshly-cut evergreen trees are beautiful and make your home smell amazing, getting you in the Christmas spirit. But when you bring home a living tree you are also inviting thousands of little insects that are hibernating inside the tree.

To prepare for these insects, pre-treat your tree before bringing it into your home with Diatomaceous Earth. This insecticidal powder uses no synthetic chemicals and leaves no scent or odor. Simply dust your tree while it’s still outside and shake off excess before bringing it inside. Learn more about non-toxic pest control methods.

Remember, when sleeping insects enter your festive, warm home, they will wake up thinking it’s spring! Check out our infographic below for the most common Christmas tree insects. Make sure they don’t crash your holiday party by taking preventative steps to de-bug your tree.

christmas tree insect infograph 1christmas tree insect infograph 2

Five Steps to Prevent Unwanted Christmas Surprises

  1. When you choose a tree, examine the undersides of the branches and the trunk. Prune any branches if you find egg cases or a bird nest.
  2. Leave the Christmas tree in your garage for a few days.
  3. Get a white sheet and shake the tree to dislodge any insects.
  4. Vacuum up any insects in or around the tree.
  5. Dust the tree with Diatomaceous Earth to kill any insects still on the tree.

How to Get Rid of Insects on Your Christmas Tree?

The best way to avoid Christmas tree critters from ruining your holiday is to take these preventative actions.

  • Inspect the tree branches and trunk for any signs of eggs or insects. Norwegian pines are know for having the most insects.
  • Give the tree a good shake before bringing inside.
  • Let the tree sit in your garage for at least 24 hours before decorating. This will allow you to see if there are any other insects venturing out from the tree and to help the tree settle.
  • If you notice a large number of insects, take the tree back to the Christmas tree shop to trade it in for a new one (most shops will exchange if your tree is particularly buggy). Follow our guide on keeping your Christmas tree bug-free for a worry-free holiday season.

Living Christmas trees are important to holiday traditions. Don’t let a few bugs scare you into not enjoying a freshly-cut evergreen. Hire our Burnaby pest control techniciansRichmond pest control techniciansCoquitlam pest control technicians, West Vancouver pest control technicians, Vancouver pest control technicians and North Vancouver pest control technicians to make sure your Christmas traditions are never ruined by pesky insects.

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