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qualitypro canada certificate for Pestcheck
Beyond Pest Control

We Are QualityPro Certified!

Pestcheck Pest Control is proud to be one of a few pest control companies in Canada to earn the QualityPro designation.  In fact, we are the 22nd company out of

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two people sitting on a sofa thinking about QualityPro

Bed Bugs on Planes

Sorry to give you one more thing to worry during the pandemic but bed bugs will be making a big comeback. As everyone is itching to start travelling again, the

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Flies on a dinner plate with shrimps. How to get rid of flies

How to Get Rid of Flies

For me, house flies are even more annoying than ants. They are attracted to warm air currents coming from your house. If they detect odours on those currents, all the

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boy with magnifying glass looking at the naked truth about bugs
Beyond Pest Control

Naked Truth About Bugs

Most of us want nothing to do with pests, outside of hiring someone else to get rid of them for us. We’d rather not dwell on the naked truth about

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