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How to Remove Wasp Nest

a large wasp nest outside the window of a home. How to remove wasp nests.

From backyard barbecues to patio parties, the beginning of summer marks a season full of outdoor celebrations with your friends and family. Whether you’re cooking up something delicious on the grill or sipping on an ice-cold drink, enjoying your time in the summer sun is no fun when wicked wasps try to crash your party! Read on and discover how to remove wasp nests and keep wasps away.

In BC, wasps begin to build their numbers at the first sign of spring. They create their nests in tucked-away places to keep them protected from predators. If these sly stingers build their hives on or near your home, they can wreak havoc on you and your guests, especially if food, trash, or an abundance of other insects are nearby.b

Although getting rid of wasps near your home may seem daunting at first, Pestcheck Pest Control can help you combat these territorial insects while avoiding painful stings. We allow you to enjoy your yard or patio this summer without the fear of wasp attacks!


After you give your home a once-over, it’s important to carry out routine wasp control maintenance on any nook or cranny that seems hive-worthy. Do your best to close off or block any areas that wasps could get into. “Fixing and sealing old fences or decks is important to keep wasps out – check out our article on silverfish removal for more tips on keeping your home’s exterior in good condition.. Replace damaged siding and keep your grass and bushes trimmed neatly on a regular basis.


If you plan to landscape in the spring, keep hummingbird feeders and nectar-rich flowers to a minimum. Place them away from common areas like your patio or deck.


Opt for trash cans with tight-fitting lids. Always keep your trash bags tied securely when placing them inside the bin. When you host an outdoor gathering, make sure that any spills are cleaned up promptly and that all trash makes it into the proper receptacle. Keep your outdoor gatherings free from pests, including ants – check out our article on how to handle ant infestations. Any soda or bits of food left behind could attract wasps as they hunt for full bellies.


With insect infestation – such as fruit fliesspiders or ants – it’s critical to call your pest professionals as early as possible. An overabundance of any of these insects can draw the attention of wasps while they’re out foraging for food, making your yard primary nesting grounds for large wasp colonies.


When it comes to DIY wasp control, there isn’t a foolproof solution to ensure that the colony will completely pack up and leave your area. While you may find many DIY wasp remedies floating across the internet, most of them will do little more than put you, your family, or your pets in harm’s way. Don’t risk painful stings or property damage – hire a professional pest control company like Pestcheck Pest Control. Read more about the dangers of DIY pest control in our article on carpenter bees.

If you have a wasp nest nearby your home, it’s best to understand what hive removal methods you should avoid to prevent painful stings, damage to your property, and wasps from coming back. Protect your home and backyard from wasps and other pests this summer with the help of Pestcheck Pest Control. Our team of expert technicians can help you wasp-proof your home, rid your yard from other insect infestations, and safely and effectively remove wasp nests. We offer pest control services in various areas including West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby & New West, Coquitlam & Tri-Cities, and Richmond. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and keep your home and backyard pest-free this summer.

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