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Get That Wasp OFF Me!

a cartoon lady running away from a swarm of wasps. Wasp stings

Summer is finally here. Time to soak up some much needed Vitamin D and enjoy the great outdoors! But wait…..there’s a problem….and it is buzzing all around you. Yes, those dreaded wasps and hornets are back on the scene again.  While you might think your garden is your domain, it is also nature’s backyard and that means stinging, biting, flying and buzzing. Check out our articles on 7 Great Hacks for the Perfect Pest-Free Picnic and Keep Calm and Picnic On for tips on enjoying outdoor activities without wasps ruining your fun. Don’t include wasp stings with blistered sunburns and sneezy hay fever this summer.

Here is some good advice on how to behave when wasps are around:

Cover up

This time of the year, most people want to strip down. So it seems illogical to be giving out advice about covering up. However, this is one practical way to avoid, or at least reduce, the risk of stings. Wear long sleeves and long pants. It’s not full-proof though. It has been known for a wasp or two to fly up your pant leg! Check out our article on How to Keep Your Backyard Party Bug Free for more tips.

Don’t get in a flap

How many times have you witnessed a complete stranger attempting a panicked, crazy dance move in public….without music! They were probably trying to waft away a wasp! And to boot, chances are, the stranger got a sharp sting or two for his efforts.

Flapping and wafting your arms around makes wasps angry…so don’t do it!

Walk calmly away

This is the golden rule; stay calm, even if you are petrified. Some wasps species are very aggressive and need only a little provocation to sting. So don’t give them a reason to do it! Learn more about wasp stings and how to treat them in our article Wasps…STING!

Don’t let wasps ruin your summer! If you’re facing a wasp infestation in your area, our professional team is here to help. We provide top-notch pest control services in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby & New West, Coquitlam & Tri-Cities, and Richmond. You can also read our articles about How to Remove Wasp Nest and Stop! How NOT to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a quick and efficient wasp removal solution. Enjoy your summer without the fear of wasp stings. Contact us today!

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