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Keep Calm and Picnic On

A family sitting on blankets having a picnic

Summertime is almost here and the picnic season is heading into full-swing. While eating outdoors is fun, it also comes with many challenges, not the least of which is dealing with insects trying to crash your party!

Here are some fun tips to keep your picnic pest-free this summer…

Go Undercover
Before your bowls of salad get infested with bugs, cover them up! And don’t forget to cover your drinks. Bees and wasps will go after sugary sodas, lemonade, etc. For more tips on avoiding insects during outdoor activities, check out our article on How to Keep Your Backyard Party Bug Free. Opt to drink out of containers or bottles with lids. If you are drinking out of a glass, place a cupcake liner upside down over the top and simply poke your straw through it!

Dry Land
While the idea of a picnic right by the shore sounds ideal, it’s actually more likely to be a nightmare. Standing water attracts all kinds of insects, including mosquitoes Learn more about common pests showing up in summer here. Opt for a picnic area that is a little more inland. Wear neutral colours to keep flying insects away. Most insects, especially bees, are attracted to bright colors.

Obviously, typical insect repellent is a must in many people’s picnic gear, but if you prefer more natural choices (especially for young children) you can try some alternative methods. Discover 7 great hacks for the perfect pest-free picnic here. Citrus fruit peels spread around your area will deter many insects, as will mint. Grapefruit essential oil is another insect deterrent. To keep ants off your table, place each table leg in a frisbee or pie pan and fill it with a small amount of water. Ants can’t cross water, therefore they won’t be able to get to your table legs to climb up.

Of course, you don’t want to bring pests from home in your picnic basket! If you see any pesky pests around your house, give us a call. Learn how to deal with ants spoiling your picnic here. Pestcheck is happy to serve our lower mainland friends and neighbors this picnic season. Make it your New Year’s resolution to Pestcheck your home!

Don’t let pests ruin your summer picnics and outdoor fun! If you’re in need of pest control services in the lower mainland, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re located in West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby & New West, Coquitlam & Tri-Cities, or Richmond, our expert team is here to help keep your home and outdoor spaces pest-free. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and enjoy a worry-free picnic season!

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