Summer Insects: the Weather Too Hot to Handle

Wasps and a thermometer with the words insect effect. Summer insects

Summer is here but be extremely cautious when rainfall is in the weather forecast. Rain is a great stimulant for pests to reproduce. And reproduce they will by the thousands! So, now that there are more summer insects, they need to find an abundance of food. They will invade your home looking for food which can then lead into a full blown infestation.

The long term forecast for the Lower Mainland this year is a dry, hot summer. Dry weather means a shortage of water for insects.  Just like us, insects need water to survive. If you were dying of thirst, you would get water any way possible – same goes for insects. If they can’t find water in their outdoor environment, they will soon be crashing your home to quench their thirst. They also seek out cooler areas to nest such as basements and crawls spaces.

What can you do to keep these insects at bay?

  1. Keep the areas around your home well cleared of dead vegetation and standing water sources.
  2. Check for leaking pipes and puddles.
  3. If you have a swimming pool, cover it when you aren’t using it.
  4. Remove piles of laundry or other clutter as insects will hide here.
  5. Most importantly, remove any potential food sources ie. clean up crumbs right away and store food in sealed containers.

A Final Word

Summer months give insects the warmth they need to thrive. And that includes all insects across the board. Is the season’s population explosion of bugs and insects wearing you down? Pestcheck Pest Control is just a phone call away, ready to take care of your summer pest control needs.

Our team of expert pest control professionals has been in business for years. We’ll be happy to have a look at your home and recommend the best course of action to be bug free this summer.

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