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Common Pests Showing Up In Summer

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Summer is here. This is the most common time to see increases in insect activity. Despite most insects having an important role in the economy, when they decide to invade your home, you need to take care of them as soon as possible.


At some point in your life, you will end up having to deal with an ant infestation or activity. Ant infestations are usually harmless to your health, but they do tend to irritate most homeowners. Ants usually tend to appear between May and July. If you don’t take any action when you first spot a colony, they can easily spread.  Eventually, taking over your entire home.  Causing stress and potential damage to you and your property.

In order to prevent ants from entering your home this summer, you need to make sure that all foods are properly stored and sealed. You need to clean up any leftovers and crumbs after meals as well as taking out garbage frequently. In case you just spot one, try to follow them to see where their nest is located and take appropriate action to stop ants in your kitchen.


House flies are usually attracted to sweet beverages and foods such as alcohol, sodas, sugars, candies, meats and more. So, when you accidentally spill a drink or food, make sure to clean it up as soon as possible to prevent them from appearing and becoming a problem. House flies reproduce very rapidly. 

Despite what most online articles and “DIY” pest control chemical labels say, its almost impossible to keep flies away from your home in the summer 100%. The important thing is to ensure your home clean.  You need to eliminate all potential food sources like garbage cans, animal feces, stagnant water and more. Taking the garbage & recycling out frequently is usually the most important step when being proactive towards fly infestations. Wiping the counters with disinfectants and removing any food leftovers will drastically decrease the odds of having house flies inside your home and is an effective way to get rid of flies.


Lets be honest, your backyard during the summer is one of the most important areas of your home for you and your family to enjoy. During the summer months is prime season for spiders. Simply removing the webs won’t provide any results in getting rid of spider populations. Pestcheck Pest Control provides spider control using safe, effective, and wallet friendly services for both residential and commercial accounts.

As you encounter spiders in your backyard, you might want to learn more about common spiders and how to deal with them. To keep spiders at bay, it’s essential to prevent and deal with spider webs in and around your home.


Wasps are primarily carnivores and eat a verity of insects. Most people think wasp nests are always constructed up high, however in our experience its a mixture between trees, under roofing, and under concrete steps & siding. The most important thing is there is zero food sources nearby left out to feed a growing colony. 

If you discover nests in your trees or suspect they might be a suitable location for wasps, consulting with an arborist can provide insights on tree care and potentially reduce the attractiveness of these areas for nesting. The most important thing is ensuring there are zero food sources nearby left out to feed a growing colony.

If you discover a wasp nest near your home, find out how to safely remove a wasp nest and protect your family from stings. While dealing with wasps and hornets, it’s important to learn more about the Asian Giant Hornet and how it may affect your area.

By following these tips and learning how to enjoy a pest-free picnic, you can make sure your summer is a fun and enjoyable one without any unwanted visitors.

We hope these tips have helped you choose the right pest control option when dealing with pest infestations in your home or property. If you need help, hire our Burnaby pest control techniciansRichmond pest control techniciansCoquitlam pest control technicians, Vancouver pest control technicians, West Vancouver pest control technicians and North Vancouver pest control technicians to make sure your summer is a fun one.

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